Last week our 5/6 students went on camp to Phillip Island as part of our Inquiry Learning.

Below is some of the artwork we created when we returned.

One of our activities was to see the penguins coming in.

We used paint for our background and then created origami penguins and birds.

We hope you enjoy our creations.


Last week our 5/6 level went on an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary.

This was to increase our knowledge about our Inquiry topic for this term – Endangered Animals.

A great day was had by all. It was wonderful to see Australian animals in their natural habitats and to learn about how and why they are endangered.

Below are some photos and our comments about the excursion.

Pointillism Art

Last term we looked at some pointillism art. The pointillism technique was first used to describe the work of French artist Georges Seurat. Seurat, along with fellow artist Paul Signac, was inspired by the Impressionist paintings of the day. Seurat began to paint using small, distinct dots — points — of pure color. Below is one of Seurat’s paintings.

We first began to experiment with mixing colours by dividing a circle into six sections. In each alternate section we used the primary colors  -red, blue and yellow – and filled each with dots. We then filled the empty section with the two adjoining colours, to create the illusion of a new colour.

So, for example, we combined red dots and blue dots to create the impression that the colour was purple. We then used yellow and blue dots to create the impression that the colour was green. In the last section we used yellow and red dots to create the impression that the colour was orange.  

Here are some examples of our circle dots:






We then attempted our own version of a dot painting.

We had free choice of our subject matter.

Below are our results.

Beach Day School Excursion

Recently our whole school went on an excursion to the beach.

A great time was had by all.

We thank our school principal, staff and parents for making this possible.

Below are some of our thoughts on the excursion.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

Life Education Van

Last week our school was privileged to have the Life Education Van visit our school.

Each class was able to enter the van and participate in a one hour lesson about different life skills.

The 5/6’s learnt about decision making and consequences. We also learnt that we need to be well informed and educated before we are able to make informed decisions.


We learnt about Drug education, where we had to classify legal and illegal drugs. This was certainly an eye opener, because we learnt about energy drinks and the amount of caffeine in them. Some drugs fell in the legal medical field, even though they are normally illegal. One example of this was medical and illegal marijuana.  Foods which contain caffeine, also included chocolate and coffee. We learnt about alcohol, which is legal to people over 18 years of age and the effects that it has on the body.

We discussed just what effects cigarettes and alcohol have on the body and exactly which parts of the body are affected.

At the end of the session we got to meet Harold, the mascot for Life ed. He was really cute!!


We were very fortunate again this year to have Lydia from the

Monash Science Centre visit our school to teach us about how the earth moves.

Her presentations are always so informative, interesting and educational.

We learnt so much about the earth.

She explained about the layers of the earth, about natural disasters

and particularly, about earthquakes and volcanoes.

We conducted some experiments which helped us to understand

what is going on underneath the Earth’s crust.

It helped us to understand the movement of Tectonic Plates,

and how rock consistently heat, melts, cools and solidifies.

These hands-on activities were enjoyed by all and

they helped consolidate our knowledge on how the earth really does move.

Our first activity was to understand how magma moves just below the crust.

We then experimented with some ‘oobleck’; this was so much fun.

It helped us understand how the earth’s core is solid, and yet how the magma is liquid.

Great stuff!

Our final hands-on activity was to create a volcanic eruption in a plastic bottle.


Watch the videos below to find out just what we did.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Weather and Climate – what’s the difference?


Notan is a Japanese word meaning the balance between dark and light.

It is also an art form involving paper cutting and positive and negative shapes.

The Japanese artists begin with black and white paper and cut out shapes and lines to create a unique design, but we looked at the colour wheel and chose to complete our Notan art using contrasting and analogous colours.

Below is a video of our finished work.

Visible Learning and Growth Mindset


In this first week of school for 2017,

we have been concentrating on what it means to be

a visible learner. 

We have also discussed growth mindset

and how we can all change from

a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Watch the videos below to give you an idea about what a fixed and growth mindset actually mean.

What are some of the steps you can take to change your thinking?

What are some things you can do to change your thinking

and therefore change your life and your ability to succeed?

Read the fixed and growth mindset words in the chart below.

Do you recognize any comments that you have ever made?

Think about how you can change.

 In class this week we also discussed what we can do to take control

of our actions and behaviors both in and out of the classroom. 

We understand that there are some things that are out of our control.

Yet there are also some things that each of us can control.

Think about what YOU are going to do to change your mindset

and about how YOU can be in control.

How will you respond when confronted with difficult tasks?

What will you say? How will you act? What will you do? What will you think?





Safer Internet Day 2017 is almost here! 
It takes place on Tuesday, 7 February 2017 .
The theme for this year is
Be the change:
Unite for a better internet
How can we work together to create a better and safer internet?
What are some of the special things you can do
to keep yourself and your friends safe on the internet?
Write back and tell me how you think you can work together to create a better internet.

Welcome to 2017

Hi everyone.

Welcome back and I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable holiday.

This year is again shaping up to be an exciting, fun-filled and busy year.

Our topics this term for Integrated Studies are

Weather and Climate, including Natural Disasters,

Systems and Relationships,

Earn and Learn and

Plant and Body Systems.

I am so very proud of each of you and how well you have settled into our first week of school.

Already we have completed so much work in the areas of Literacy and Mathematics,

but we have especially worked hard in the areas of

Social Emotional Learning and changing our mindset.

In the coming weeks we will set our semester goals.

Remember, follow your dreams, set your sights high and reach for the stars!