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I hope you enjoy your journey.


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  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I’ve been too busy to tell you this. I DIDN’T GO FISHING!! I was so excited, looking forward to go .. but I went to a park for a whole day instead! I drank some refreshing drinks to cool me down! It was a really sunny day I could tell you! You would not enjoy it .. and another bad thing about it was that I got injured quite a few times! Oh, what a day it was!

    • Pity about not going fishing. It would have been very relaxing. Anyway, at least you got to go out and enjoy yourself. Hopefully the injuries were not too great!

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I forgot to ask you this: How are your holidays? Another exciting event that I am going to do this weekend is that I’m going to see some Japanese flowers .. I don’t know what they are really called in English .. but that doesn’t matter! I really hope it is going to be fun and I really hope that it is not going to be a boiling hot day!

    • My holidays area very relaxing thanks Kelele. I hope yours are great as well. You must tell me all about your visit to the flowers. Sounds like it will be very interesting. See you at school soon.

  3. hey I just got back from Queensland and it was fantastic. I just want to say that for your next story you should do a video called KIWI!. type it in like that okay? It is quite sad but adorable. It is quite appropriate. But I cried to it and I’m in university. Well see you later.

    • Great to hear from you Eric. Geography will be very interesting. As you can see, our topic this term is Law and Order, so we are going to be learning all about the government and how it works. We all hope you have a great term. (By the way, you know that you can always click on the ‘home’ button and it will take you to the latest posts, instead of going on the Welcome button.)

  4. Hi Mrs Francis,
    There’s a lunar eclipse tonight but I’m not sure what time it is! I hope i don’t miss it during the meeting.

  5. Sorry, I didn’t see your comment. Just wear something nice and dressy, but not “over the top.” In other words what you would wear on a Sunday anyway.

  6. Hi Mrs Francis,

    My story din’t work because when I fix it it just takes away the other letter! So frustrating!

    I did a second one because I had no room, its the thing that it ready for review.


    • You have to research the jobs and try to match the names and the faces. Use Google. Do your work in your homework book, and you do not have to draw the politicians!

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,

    Can I just write what, who and the order.
    e.g The prime minister-Tony Abbott-1st picture

    Like that\
    Accept? 🙂

  8. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Thanks for the home button advice. I hope 5/6 F are having a great time learning the law!! It would be great for the future. As you can see the time, I am at my new school replying on the blog. Hope you have a great time!! Did 5/6 really draw those sketches? Because if they did, they don’t look like you could draw them!

    • Hey Eric, great to hear from you. Hope you are learning lots of exciting new things as well at your new school. Yes the children in our class did draw all the caricatures. They’re great aren’t they? Keep in touch.

  9. Hi! I am going to be in your class next year!! I really hope it will be fun! The only sad thing is that none of my friends are in the same class…. Oh and are we going to be working a lot with the class that’s next door to us?

    • Hi Sharna and welcome to the 5/6 Francis class blog. Welcome to our new class as well. I look forward to having you in my class. Don’t worry about not having any friends in the new class for 2015. You will soon make new friends, and yes, we will be doing some activities with the class next door. I hope you have a great Christmas and see you in the new year.

  10. I really liked the website free rice because you answer questions and each right answer you get your donate 10 grains of rice to hungry people. I bet this blog is probably one of the best in the school

    • Thanks Sharna. Yes, the children this year have really enjoyed going on Free Rice. Not only have they learnt many new words, but helped others at the same time. You are free to follow the link and play Free rice at any time.

  11. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I’m really excited to be in your class next year. Today my brother showed me his sketch book and the art I saw was so creative! Also I have a question: Who are we going with to camp, just curious…
    Anyways bye for now!

    • Thanks for your comment Yvonne. I am glad you are excited about being in my class next year. Details of camp will be worked out much closer to the date. Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year.

  12. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Hope you have a wonderful CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I’ll come and visit next year and if you need help, I’ll help. Have a safe CRISTMAS and have fun on the HOLIDAYS.

    • Thanks Kyle for all your help during the year. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas and safe New Year. Enjoy your holidays, and it will be wonderful to have you visit us at school next year. Take care.

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,

    Sorry I did not comment, but from now I will
    Did you enjoy your holidays?
    I did, the most interesting part was going to Adventure park.
    Do we come back on 29th?
    Hope you enjoy your last week of holidays
    And see you this year!

    • Hey Samantha, great to hear from you. I am glad you are enjoying your holidays. I am enjoying the break as well. Sadly, it is almost time to go back to school. Yes, you do start school on the 29th. Enjoy what’s left of your holidays. Yes, please do keep commenting and visiting our blog, even though you are in another class this year.

  14. Dear Mrs Francis,
    It’s me Jordan from last year.
    I just had about a week of school and everything is good. When I say good I mean really good. Everyone is really kind to others and the canteen is awesome!!I got my new laptop and it is a touch screen one. I also got to celebrate my Birthday with Jason and Kyle on the holidays.
    I hope you enjoy teaching your class and keep up the hard work like last year.
    Just tell some of the boys that Salesian is a really good school to go to next year.
    Have a great year!

    • Hey Jordan, it is so great to hear from you. I am so glad that you are enjoying your new school and settling into secondary school. Happy birthday. I am glad you are still keeping in touch with Jason and Kyle. Say hello to them for me and ask them to keep in touch. Yes I am enjoying my new class, even though we have 28 students, compared to last year. You may need to come back and have a chat to the new 5/6’s and let them know what secondary school is like. Take care Jordan, and keep visiting the blog and leaving your comments. God bless.

  15. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Camp was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!
    All of the video’s look pretty good aswell!

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