Awesome paintings!

Hey everyone, did you notice the three paintings on our welcome blog?

Did you realise that they are actually painted on a flat surface? They look so realistic that people just keep walking straight into them.

They are created by an awesome artist who simply uses the outside or inside wall of a building and transforms it into a 3D work of art! It is hard to believe that these paintings are on a flat surface.

Have a look at the “before” and “after” photos. Incredible isn’t it?

22 thoughts on “Awesome paintings!

  1. WOW! That is a fantastic painting! It looks SO REAL!!!
    By the way I really like your blog! May I ask who was the awesome artist that painted this marvellous painting? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Lara from 3/4M
    P.S- How did you make this blog so interesting? 🙂

    • Hi Lara, thanks for your kind comments. Glad you liked the paintings. I will try to find out the name of the artist. He is American. I will be putting up a few more pictures of him and his works, so make sure you stop by soon. Also, check out our wonderful poems. I am sure you will like them. Mrs Francis

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I also forgot to include that the paintings look really wonderful and so realistic.I also thought it was real as well but I realized it was just paintings! This blog is getting wonderful and I really enjoy looking into this blog.

  3. Hi Michelle, Thanks for your comments. We hope to keep adding more of our work to share with others. Maybe you can also give us some ideas of what you want to see on the blog. Take care. Mrs Francis

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Last time i went to Vietnam, i fainted because i didn’t eat enough food and now when we go camp my parents are very worried =(

    • Don’t worry Linh, there will be so much food for you to eat whilst you are on camp, you will definitely NOT go hungry!
      Also, I am glad you are excited about going on camp. Mrs Francis

    • Hi Linh, Have you checked out the two new posts? Check out the tangle pattern art which we did. It looks awesome. Mrs Francis

    • Samantha, the paintings are actually painted on the walls of buildings. They are not 3D at all! So I guess they look so real and “3-D” that a lot of people may actually end up walking into walls!

  5. The paintings look really realistic. I wonder how he makes it look so realistic. If I could paint that well I’d probably trick someone to walk into it. hehehehe. 😀

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