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In preparation for our study of Space and the solar system, I have included some YouTube videos. Go to Pages on the blog and then click on The solar system. It should take you straight to the videos. There are some truly remarkable scenes courtesy of the Hubble Telescope.
I hope you enjoy watching them.

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Tangled Pattern

Thanks everyone for your fantastic efforts yesterday.
You all did an awesome job attempting our very first ‘tangled pattern’.
Follow the link to view everyone’s work.  Make sure you turn up your speakers!


Welcome to Term 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to Term 2.
Happy Easter to you all. I hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday and that you are ready for another busy term.
I know I had a very relaxing time, catching up with family and friends. My family and I went to Rye and the holiday break gave me an opportunity to walk along the beach and recharge my batteries. What did you do over the holidays? Do you think the holiday break was too long? I was thinking that maybe for some people holidays are a boring time and they would much rather be at school. For others, holidays are a great time just to be away from school and sleep in!  Is this an issue we can discuss:

Do school children have too many holidays?

Write back and tell me what you think? Should holidays be shortened or extended? Your parents probably have other ideas! Discuss this issue with them and write back and tell me what you think and even what they think. I would love to hear your opinion on this issue.

This term is shaping up to be another very busy and exciting time. Not only will we be completing our study of Gold, but we will be going on camp. Yes, finally! I know you are all very excited about going on camp. What are you looking forward to the most about camp? Write back and tell me.

When we return from camp, we will commence our study on Space. So for all you budding astronauts, this is the topic for you. Maybe start thinking about what areas of Space you would like to research. Write back and tell me what you would like to study in this area.

Bye for now and looking forward to seeing you all at school.

Mrs Francis

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In our class so far this year we have been looking at Social Emotional Learning.
We have concentrated on Self Awareness.
This has helped us to learn more about ourselves and how we respond to different situations.
Follow the link to a great You Tube video which explains what Social Emotional Learning is all about.

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In our class this term we had lots of fun writing poetry.
We began our study of poetry by looking at a very talented
children’s poet called Michael Rosen. The presentations of his
poems made us laugh so much. It also have us an appreciation
of poetry and the different ways of presenting poetry.
Check out his website. You won’t regret it!



In our class so far this year we have been linking into a fantastic site:
BBC Skillswise.
This site has so many fun activities and games that have helped us
with our learning, especially in English and Maths.
Be sure to check it out! There is so much to do.
from 5/6Francis



Hi there 5/6 Francis class.

Check out the link to STUDY LADDER.

There are so many activities for you to complete which will help you with your school work.
Just follow the link or check out the blog roll.

study ladder

Welcome to our blog for 2014

Welcome to our class blog for 2014.
We have been very busy so far this year creating and making.
Be sure to check out our page on “Gold! Gold! Gold!,”
as well as some of our descriptive paragraphs on “The Crocodile”.
We have also been learning about persuasive writing techniques.
Be sure to check out our advertisements.
From 5/6 Francis