Welcome to Term 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to Term 2.
Happy Easter to you all. I hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday and that you are ready for another busy term.
I know I had a very relaxing time, catching up with family and friends. My family and I went to Rye and the holiday break gave me an opportunity to walk along the beach and recharge my batteries. What did you do over the holidays? Do you think the holiday break was too long? I was thinking that maybe for some people holidays are a boring time and they would much rather be at school. For others, holidays are a great time just to be away from school and sleep in!  Is this an issue we can discuss:

Do school children have too many holidays?

Write back and tell me what you think? Should holidays be shortened or extended? Your parents probably have other ideas! Discuss this issue with them and write back and tell me what you think and even what they think. I would love to hear your opinion on this issue.

This term is shaping up to be another very busy and exciting time. Not only will we be completing our study of Gold, but we will be going on camp. Yes, finally! I know you are all very excited about going on camp. What are you looking forward to the most about camp? Write back and tell me.

When we return from camp, we will commence our study on Space. So for all you budding astronauts, this is the topic for you. Maybe start thinking about what areas of Space you would like to research. Write back and tell me what you would like to study in this area.

Bye for now and looking forward to seeing you all at school.

Mrs Francis

47 thoughts on “Welcome to Term 2

    • Thanks Kelly for your comments. Would you have enough time to relax if we shortened the holidays? Mrs Francis

  1. I think in MY opinion that the school holidays should be shortened a little bit because I have a short memory so I might forget a lot of stuff that we’ve learnt.

    • Thank you Linh for stopping by and for your comments. So staying at school keeps your brain working better? Mrs Francis

  2. I think the holidays should stay the same- a two week break from school is already good for me! I also think the holidays are fun (with the internet anyway). I like to play games on the holidays but sometimes my brother takes me out and I enjoy it . So I think the holidays should stay two weeks.

    • Sorry to hear that your internet wasn’t working. Good to hear that you were able to keep yourself busy with other activities. Mrs Francis

  3. I think that the school holidays could be a bit longer like 3 weeks maybe? Because the students have been studying and haven’t had time to contact their family and also prepare stuff for camp coming up.

    • Shayla, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments. But how would the parents react if students were home for longer? Mrs Francis

  4. I think children should have more time to relax during the holidays for a fresh mind. My mum always tells me:”a fresh mind makes learning easier”. The most interesting thing to me that I’m excited about is finding the GOLD!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for your comments Eric. I appreciate it. I hope you do find some gold when we are on camp. Mrs Francis

  5. I think that children should have longer holidays because many children have been stressed by the long hours in class. It is true that many children have not being concentrating in class because of them stressing.

  6. I think children should have holidays but shorter, so children don’t get bored.

    I went to the cinema last Sunday with my friend, we watched frozen. At the end children were dancing on the stage.

    On the holidays my family and I went to a church, we had an Easter hunt! After that we went to a shopping center called Forest hill; there my mum bought me long socks for camp. After that we went to Hungry jacks and ate what my mum cooked in the car. We then went to the city and went shopping, there was a new shop, and people were lining up to go in. We were waiting so long! We didn’t get to buy anything because we didn’t really like it. After that we went to Docklands and it took a long time to drive there. We had dinner at Gold Leaf because it was my cousin’s birthday. The cake was yummy!

  7. I think holidays are boring because you don’t do anything except sitting inside being inactive. I also have to practise Cross-Country, when I go out and practise my parents say to get back inside because it’s too cold! I think it’s ok to leave the holidays the same as usual.

  8. I think holidays should be extended because people want more time to relax and enjoy themselves.

    Mrs Francis, I’m really looking forward to camp because I want to experience life in 1850s on the goldfields. I also am looking forward to finding gold at Sovereign Hill.

    • Thanks Aaron for your comments. I’m glad you are looking forward to camp. It will be fantastic. Mrs Francis

  9. Mrs Francis i think we should keep the same amount of holidays because we can get too bored if we have to stay at school for longer and if we have less holidays we won’t have a break from learning.

  10. Hello Mrs Francis,
    It’s great to be back! Now, about how children should or shouldn’t have a holiday extension. Some children may like school so much that they look forward to coming to school. While some are addicted to games so as a result they do not like going to school. As a student having the right amount of time to spend at home and at school is just good enough for a student. That is why students should just have an average amount of holidays. Rather then a looong holiday or a shooort holiday.

  11. Hi Mrs Francis and all,
    Ok, now back to the piece. Our brains need some rest but limited time. We too need to be active and inactive. But when coming back from holidays the students still are in holiday mood. Which makes the teacher a bit annoyed. I think 2 weeks is enough for us children.
    I’m excited to go to camp and I wish those who have not been to camp previusly(especially for year 5’s )that they may go in peace and learn some life skills when they are away for 3 days.

    • Thanks Julie for your great comments. I’m sorry all your work was lost today. I think we had a few problems.Hopefully next time thinks will go well. Mrs Francis

  12. Dear Mrs Francis,

    I am looking forward to camp this year to Sovereign Hill because I like to go somewhere that I have never been to and also I think that children should have longer holidays because the first week, I was at my grandpa’s house helping him to cut down Palm trees for Palm Sunday and I only had a week left on the holidays and next you know it, you’re at school and before I forget, I love the class blog.

    • Thanks Kyle for your great comments. Sounds like you had a busy holiday and that you are glad to be back at school. Mrs Francis

  13. Happy Easter Mrs Francis, I hope you had a great holiday. I think that the school holidays are just fine as they are. If we have no holidays no one will be able to relax and if it’s too long people in class will forget what we did the term before. That’s my opinion and I hope you have a great rest of the day.

  14. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I think holidays should be extended. School children should relax their brains and entertain themselves. Children spend a lot of time learning so that at least they can have a lot of fun during their holidays.
    I’m very psyched to go to camp. My sister told me a little bit about it and it sounds like fun. CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  15. School students should not have too many holidays because they might forget their school studies especially for high school students that may have trouble with exams and other tests.


    I like your Blob Mrs. Francis and I am looking forward for camp 🙂

    • Does that mean Kelly that if you had more holidays you would be even more relaxed and perhaps you would read even more than you do now, or would you just watch more TV? Mrs Francis

  16. Students don’t have too many holidays. Even if they do, it’s only 2 weeks each Term. School children need some time away from school. After all some people might be frustrated if they have too much work. That’s my opinion 🙂 😛

  17. Student do have too many holidays because at school they can go to camp and other excursions, Which is much more fun. Staying at home can make you forget a lot of things that you have learnt.

    I am looking forward to going on camp 😀

  18. Yes, I agree, children have too many holidays. People go on holidays and forget and have 4 days more of holidays or they go overseas and wait 4 days to travel back and then they skip 2 days -_-

    Also, I look forward to camp 🙂

    • Thanks Vincent for your comments. I guess what you are saying is that some people take their holidays and then add a few extra days and therefore they end up with even longer holidays! Good point! I think you will enjoy camp. Mrs Francis

  19. I think our holidays should be shortened a bit because we will forget about all the things we did in class. Also I have a very short memory! I also think we need to get ready for Naplan. I am VERY VERY EXCITED ABOUT CAMP ONLY ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!!!:)

    • Thanks Tommy for your comments. Great comments regarding our topic of discussion. I know everyone is really excited about camp. Hopefully you can start packing this weekend so you are readyto go next week! Mrs Francis

  20. Dear Mrs Francis
    I will absolutely keep my chrome book safe and I will work on my grammar, punctuation and capital letters. And I will work hard on it.

  21. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Beach day was awesome and fun. I loved the activities, especially French cricket. I hope next year we go again. But next time it will be even better I hope.

    from Christopher

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