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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

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Today all the 5/6 students had the opportunity of going to the Melbourne Town Hall to listen to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. During our music lessons we have been studying the orchestra, and the various parts that make up the orchestra.  This excursion was part of our study. We shared this wonderful experience with many other Melbourne Schools. We were completely captivated by the talents of everyone from the very first note. It was an exciting event and one that we will treasure for a long time.

The show was called Meet the Orchestra. The empty stage, slowly filled with the musicians as we waited patiently for the show to commence.  Eventually the full orchestra was assembled.  The conductor introduced us all to each part of the orchestra.Having the musicians dressed in colour-coded T-shirts helped us see exactly where instruments from the same family were assembled. The music showcased Australian composers. We were captivated by the wonderful music which transported us to Kakadu, with the sound of birds in flight and then along the train tracks with the rhythmic sound of a train on tracks. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show, especially when the audience was asked to take part with a body percussion song and singing.

Circle Art: Using a compass!

In Maths we have been trying to master using a compass. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

We first started by practising drawing circles in different sizes. We then discovered that if we moved the point of the compass to a previous outside line of a circle, we could draw different shapes – for example, petals and semi-circles. As we became more confident with using the compass, we started to overlap circles. The end results are all different, depending on our expertise with the compass. We hope you enjoy our show.

Circle Art on PhotoPeach

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Mathematics – Enlarging and reducing to scale

In maths this week the students from our class have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and how to enlarge and reduce them to scale. We all had to decide on which name or nickname we were going to use. We had to use graph paper to design our name in block letters. After that, we had to create a shadow for each letter to create a 3D effect. We used a scale of 1:2 to enlarge our name. We also blocked a shadow on the enlargement. Some people then even tried to reduce their name to a scale of 1:.5. This was harder to do but some succeeded.

We discovered that even though our names were doubled in size the angles of each letter stayed the same. In other words, the angles were not enlarged even though the letters were enlarged.

This was a fun activity and we really enjoyed it. The results are fantastic as you can see below. Well Done Everyone!

                                                                                    Jordan and Kyle


Enlarging our Names on PhotoPeach

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The Power of One – Anti-Bullying Show

logo-power-of-onepower of one oath

Yesterday our whole school watched an interesting and entertaining show called the Power of One. It was all about bullying and how to deal with it. We all need to know about bullying. We all need to stand up and stop bullying around the world. We saw that often the person who is the target, may in the future also become a bully. There are three types of bullying: the physical, exclusion and cyber bullying. In the bullying cycle there is the bully, the target and the bystander.  The bystander is as much to blame as the bully, since they watch and don’t do anything to help the target. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them and help them. The Power of One means that you can stop the bullying because you have the power to do it.                                           by Kevin


Yesterday the whole school watched an anti-bullying touring show called the Power of One. The show was entertaining and captivating. Everyone learnt a lot about bullying and how bullying happens. Bullying is when an action is hurtful, purposeful and repeated. The two actors ran the whole show. They also asked for volunteers. There are three types of bullying: physical, exclusion and cyber bullying. Physical bullying is when someone is physically hurt, punched or pushed. Exclusion happens when someone is deliberately excluded from activities or social circles. Bullying on the internet is called cyber bullying. The people involved in the cycle of bullying are the bully, the target and the bystander. The steps you can take to protect yourself from bullying is to stand up and tell the person to stop, don’t do anything to the bully and tell an adult. The power of one means that you have the power within you to stop the bullying.                                        by Christian

power of one

Our whole school watched a show yesterday called the Power of One. It was an anti-bullying touring show. Everyone found the show entertaining, educational and especially meaningful. The two actors who presented the show really engaged the audience. There is physical, exclusion and cyber bullying. Physical bullying is when you hurt someone physically. Exclusion bullying is when you deliberately leave someone out of a group. The third type of bullying is cyber bullying. This is when you post something nasty about someone on the Internet. Often bystanders don’t do anything to stop someone being bullied.  The target is the person being bullied. We all have the power within us to stop the bullying and we all need to stand up against bullying.                by Roshan


Yesterday the whole school watched an anti bullying show called the Power of One. The show was entertaining, amazing and fantastic and I know everyone learnt something about bullying. The show had three types of bullying: Physical, exclusion and cyber. We also saw the bully circle: the bully, the target and the bystander. The power of one means that you can stop bullying, it is within you. YOU can stop the bullying if you stand up. I will try to stop the bullying by not being a bystander and stand up for others. I learnt that if you are a bystander one day you might also become the target and then maybe even the bully. Bullying is when an action is hurtful, purposeful and repeated. Let’s all stand up against bullying.  

by Vi

Problems by Ariki

I regret the day I just watched from the sidelines without doing anything.

My whole life became miserable after that.

They stripped me of my dignity and my strength.

I finally decided to fight back.

They ran away and left me standing.

I could never forgive what they had done so I took it out on others

I then realized that fighting back was never the right thing to do.

I should have told someone about my experiences,

But I kept them secret.

I regret that!

All you who are reading this,

Never do what I did, and remember

That YOU have the power to stop this all!


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Hello 5/6 Francis bloggers!

I know you all enjoyed doing some maths today through the Mathletics website.

Remember that at the moment it is only a trial. I encourage you to use the site at home whenever you can and at school whenever you are allowed.

I have added the link to Mathletics in our blog roll; that way it should be quicker for you when you want to get onto the website.

I know that some people had issues with their new passwords. We will try to work it out in class.

Otherwise, keep using the site while we can and continue developing your mathematics skills.

Let me know if there are any further issues.


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R.E. – Declaration of Human Rights

Hi all, thought I would include these You tube videos on the Declaration of human rights.
It fits in perfectly with our R.E. unit on Justice and Compassion.
Have a look at the videos so that you can have some understanding of what the Declaration of Human Rights is all about.
It is very interesting and gives you much food for thought!

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