Sovereign Hill Camp 2014

Hello 5/6 Francis bloggers, and welcome back to the future.

I know you all had a wonderful time in Sovereign Hill.

From all accounts you enjoyed your time in the 1850’s.

In the next few days we will be sharing our comments and insights whilst on camp.

Stay tuned!


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24 thoughts on “Sovereign Hill Camp 2014

  1. Ha ha camp was fun! I really liked the school program; the 1850’s role was hard to play out but I managed. It was really hard to write with the ink pen. When we went to look for gold I thought I was going to be rich but it turns out it was only little specks of gold : but still I had a good time looking for it; sadly I did not get any. I wanted to go to camp for a week – a week away from school and camp imagine that?

  2. Camp was awesome !

    I really enjoyed my time at Sovereign Hill. It was the best camp I have ever taken part in.

    I enjoyed panning for gold the most! I wish it was more than 3 days.

  3. Hi,
    I was in Red Hill National School and there were some ups and down, sad and fun times.
    Most of us had fun though.

  4. Hi Mrs Francis
    I remember that the New York Bakery was around here and I remember how hard it was to get up the hill. And I had fun in the cabins with my friends.

    • Hi Robert. Thanks for your comments. Yes, the New York Bakery was in this same area. At least you got lots of exercise walking up and down the hill!

  5. hi Mrs Francis,

    I really enjoyed camp! I was in St Peter’s school, My favourite part of the costume is the cape! The picture you put was interesting!

    • Thanks Samantha for your great comments. I’m glad you enjoyed going to St. Peter’s. I loved the costumes we had to wear as well. I think the capes were great because they kept your shoulders and arms warm!

  6. Hi Mrs. Francis:) !! I think camp was great, except I missed my family … I could’ve just brought my sister along … BUT there were still some positives about camp, like watching the Eureka Stockade … it sure did have some GREAT, realistic sound effects …

  7. Sovereign Hill was AWESOME!!! I found 6 specks of gold, I was lucky.
    I liked how I could wear the 1850’s clothes; it was fancy and old at the same time.The gold smelting was great too. I wish I could touch the gold ingot. Those who did hold the ingot were lucky.

    EUREKA!!!!!!!!! (I FOUND GOLD) thx 🙂

    • Thanks Jason for your enthusiasm. You obviously really enjoyed the camp. Who knows one day you may get to hold a real gold ingot!

  8. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I like the way you put up the photos on your blog. Did you take them yourself? Camp was a lot of fun. Thanks!!

    • Thanks Eric for stopping by. Yes, I took some photos while other teachers took most of the others. I’m glad you enjoyed camp.

  9. Camp was really fun. I found a lot of gold but gave most to Jason. I was at St. Peter’s. I really liked the nickerbockers, they were really comfortable. The games or toys at the schools were really fun but not as good as 2014 games.

    • Glad you enjoyed your time at the school in Sovereign Hill Aaron. Would you consider wearing knickerbockers in 2014?

    • Eric there will be a camp next year, a little different from what we did this year, but just as much fun.

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