Social Emotional Learning – Resilience

We have been discussing resilience in our classroom as part of social emotional learning.

Two of our students came up with some very deep and meaningful thoughts.

We now share them with you.

Happiness keeps you sweet.

Trials keep you strong.

Sorrows keep you human.

Failures keep you glowing.

But only God can keep you going!

by Kimi


Thank you Kimi for your profound insights!

And yet another insight!

Dear You. Yes, YOU!

Sometimes life might be hard but don’t give up so easily. Okay? 

Life can be full of hardships, but you have to learn to cope with them.

After all, resilience makes you stronger. Bad things happen to people but God knows that you can cope with it and that you are strong and that you won’t break down easily.

Being strong and having the courage to face your problems will set you up to be a much stronger person in the future.

Don’t give up and never give in!

Be strong! Be resilient!

by Shayla


Thank you Shayla for sharing your thoughts with us.

12 thoughts on “Social Emotional Learning – Resilience

  1. Wow that was deeeeeeeep shayla and kimi meaningful thoughts were very good Keep up the good work #shayla #Kimi 🙂

  2. That’s right!!

    Kimi and Shayla did do a great job. As Shenell said, IT WILL MAKE ANYBODY THAT’S SAD, HAPPY!

  3. WOW! Shayla and Kimi you guys did such a great job doing those thoughts and remember may Happiness be with you 😀

  4. #YO PEOPLE!!! This is an AWESOME blog!!
    Kimi & Shayla have very imaginative thoughts .. WELL DONE KIMI & SHAYLA!!

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