Archive | May 16, 2014

R.E. – Declaration of Human Rights

Hi all, thought I would include these You tube videos on the Declaration of human rights.
It fits in perfectly with our R.E. unit on Justice and Compassion.
Have a look at the videos so that you can have some understanding of what the Declaration of Human Rights is all about.
It is very interesting and gives you much food for thought!

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Solar System: Homework Research Assignments

Hi everyone. Since you are all starting to think about some ‘I wonder’ questions regarding our new Integrated topic, I have included the project sheet which we will look at in class. This way you can always refer to it if it is in our blog. Start thinking about which topics you will research. Remember: You must choose ONE topic from each column. Remember to also present your work in an interesting manner. From week to week we will add someone’s work to our blog.

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