R.E. – Declaration of Human Rights

Hi all, thought I would include these You tube videos on the Declaration of human rights.
It fits in perfectly with our R.E. unit on Justice and Compassion.
Have a look at the videos so that you can have some understanding of what the Declaration of Human Rights is all about.
It is very interesting and gives you much food for thought!

6 thoughts on “R.E. – Declaration of Human Rights

  1. The Power Of One show which we watched today was an excellent way of explaining human rights, even though it was about bullying. This video shows many brave heroes that have tried to have peace in the world .. which is fantastic, but some people still have not got the message. There is still a lot of work to be done to make peace in our world, and to give back basic human rights to everyone.

    • Thank you Kelly for your wonderful comments and insights. I am glad you enjoyed the Power of One show today. It did fit in perfectly with our RE topic on Justice and with the video about human rights. Well done.

    Every person in the world should have human rights because God created everyone to be equal, not to invade, have war, being bullied and being racist. We all need human rights, for justice,fairness and happiness. If we don’t have human rights we are going to continue war, racism and then it will come to a stage where everyone will die just because we don’t have human rights and it is completely not worth dying or suffering from pain just because we are not accepting human rights in our lives. If human rights are accepted by the whole world then everyone will be at peace and we all can have fun together. Human Rights are about Justice, Fairness and blocking out bullies. No more war and invading. Let us all start with ourselves and the rest will follow.

    • Wow, Kevin. Thank you for your wise comments. I am very impressed with your insights. Let’s all stand up for justice around the world.

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