The Beauty of the Heavens

These videos are stunning! Look at the heavens from earth.
What do you see? What does it look like? Are the heavens spinning?
What words can you use to describe what you see?
How does it make you feel?
Write as much as you can and then post your comments.

32 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Heavens

  1. Dear Mrs Francis, as we watched these videos, we saw our galaxy, including the Milky Way. We saw lots of shooting stars. They have fallen from the atmosphere. The clear white clouds remind us of heaven. The sky is ever changing -so many colors. The words to explain how we felt are: fascinated, speechless, and colorful. It made us feel calm, relaxed and made us just stop to think and look at what the galaxy has to offer!!

  2. Hi Mrs Francis, Aaron and I watched the first video that you posted. It was amazing to see such beautiful things in our planet. We felt very lucky to be on this wonderful planet. We saw a lot of shooting stars and lightning.
    We are curious about the solar system. I hope we can learn more about the solar system and watch more videos to understand the full meaning of the solar system.
    By: Aaron and Roshan

  3. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Thank you for posting this video so that we may see the beauty of the milky way and we may see so many shooting stars that we never see in our day to day life. We also can see the beautiful bright blue sky and also the reflecting light of the sun. It made us think about how great the universe really is. I hope you post more interesting videos like this one.

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    We just finished watching the dazzling and amazing, heavenly experience videos. We felt surprised because the world is never the same and it’s constantly changing. It also makes us wonder about space and what is really out there. It makes us feel like tiny atoms compared to the WHOLE GALAXY!!!!
    From Kyle & Julie

  5. Hi Mrs Francis,
    We just finished watching the video and it was amazing! We saw lots of stars and planets in the night sky. In the day sky, we saw the sun rise and set, lots of clouds and some of the landscapes.
    The sky looks amazing, especially the night sky. The night sky was extraordinary. There were colors of white, blue, purple and yellow. We felt very small while we were watching the video. We also saw the heavens spinning! We’d say that the sky is really big, sparkly and unique.
    Too bad we don’t see the night sky the way it really is because of all the city lights.

    We watched the video and it was fascinating. We saw alot of different colours of what the sky can look like. It was extraordinary because many thing change a lot in the sky. we saw a lot of shooting stars. In just a day shooting stars appear in many different ways. We both felt that we are very small compared to the whole world. It looks as if we saw the milky way a lot of times.
    Thank You for showing us these videos.

  7. Mrs.Francis
    We watched the two videos and saw shooting stars, lights, mountains, sunsets and clouds and we felt very small but also peaceful and calm at the same time.
    Thank you for putting the video on the blog.

  8. Hi Mrs Francis we just finished watching the video and we felt entranced by its beauty. We saw the galaxy moving across the sky. We thought it looked magical. There are no words to describe what was before our eyes. We think that the heavens were spinning.

    The Place Above The Clouds
    The galaxy full of stars and vibrant colours
    Shining brightly full of beauty
    The rising and setting of the sun
    The mysterious beauty that lies within the galaxy
    From above looking down

    By Ariki aka Shayla and Jess

  9. Dear Mrs Francis, as we watched the video we saw lots of shooting stars and clouds and the horizon. It seemed liked the world around us was empty and the heavens were spinning. It looked extraordinary and beautiful. We loved all the beautiful colors too.

    Tien and Daniel

  10. Dear Mrs Francie, after we watched the incredible video clip, it made us feel like we wanted to be there because of the shooting stars, lightning and the bright galaxy.

    From Duy and Tommy

  11. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Those two videos were excellent!! As I watched it was very calming and at the same time sad. All the beautiful nature is gone just because of those buildings.It was like I was on some sort of adventure as I watched.

    • Thanks Eric for your insights. I guess it does make us a little sad when we view the beauty of the heavens and some of the destruction here on earth. I’m glad to see that you appreciate the beauty that is around us.

  12. Hi Mrs Francis
    The videos were indeed stunning. We wished that we be there and to capture all the outstanding sights. Space is a place that is full of wonder and awe. It makes us feel so tiny compared to the world that surrounds us. For eternity Space will never stop spinning and will forever be mysterious and mesmerizing. Our feelings were filled with peace, calmness and full of wow’s. Trying to describe what we have seen is really hard. After all, the Space that we all know will always remain difficult to describe and in a way that feels eerie. From Tracey & Joanna

  13. I was speechless .. it was such an extraordinary sight .. I fell in love with the sky when I saw some romantic sunsets and sunrises .. I was like,”Whoa beautiful ..”

    • Wow Kelly. I take it you love romantic sunsets? The views were spectacular weren’t they? Makes us all feel so small doesn’t it?

  14. WOW! The view of the sky was so beautiful. I could see so many beautiful galaxies, stars and sunsets and sunrises. It was extraordinary. Thanks for that video Mrs. Francis.

    • Yes, they are spectacular images Jason. Glad you enjoyed watching. Hopefully they gave you an idea about the vastness of the universe.

  15. HI Mrs Francis truely i LOVE the videos they make me feel clam and relaxed. I hope you will be able to find new beautiful videos and be able to put them up on the blog.

    • Thanks Kuroi for your lovely comments. I know everyone did enjoy watching them. They were very relaxing.

    • Yes, Peter, it is a fantastic video. Thank you for the useful piece of information regarding Planet X. Have you been researching the Planet?

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