Hello 5/6 Francis bloggers!

I know you all enjoyed doing some maths today through the Mathletics website.

Remember that at the moment it is only a trial. I encourage you to use the site at home whenever you can and at school whenever you are allowed.

I have added the link to Mathletics in our blog roll; that way it should be quicker for you when you want to get onto the website.

I know that some people had issues with their new passwords. We will try to work it out in class.

Otherwise, keep using the site while we can and continue developing your mathematics skills.

Let me know if there are any further issues.


12 thoughts on “Mathletics

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,

    Mathletics was so much fun; it helps children to practise sums and work out problems. I played the class one, the world one and an ice cream game.

    • Thanks Samantha for stopping by and posting a comment. I am glad you are enjoying Mathletics. Keep using the site as I am sure it will help you with your maths.

  2. MATHLETICS IS AWESOME :D. I will always go on Mathletics everyday like it was my homwork! I found out that the whole class loves Mathletics.

    • Glad to hear that you are enjoying mathletics Linh. Keep going on the website and practicing your skills.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis!

    Mathletics is not working properly for some of us like me, Linh and Tommy so far.

    • I’m not sure what’s going on Shiro. You are all in Year 5 by the sounds of it! Maybe we need to look at it next week. Have a try tomorrow and see if you have the same problem. Is the website having problems?

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