Mathematics – Enlarging and reducing to scale

In maths this week the students from our class have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and how to enlarge and reduce them to scale. We all had to decide on which name or nickname we were going to use. We had to use graph paper to design our name in block letters. After that, we had to create a shadow for each letter to create a 3D effect. We used a scale of 1:2 to enlarge our name. We also blocked a shadow on the enlargement. Some people then even tried to reduce their name to a scale of 1:.5. This was harder to do but some succeeded.

We discovered that even though our names were doubled in size the angles of each letter stayed the same. In other words, the angles were not enlarged even though the letters were enlarged.

This was a fun activity and we really enjoyed it. The results are fantastic as you can see below. Well Done Everyone!

                                                                                    Jordan and Kyle


Enlarging our Names on PhotoPeach


14 thoughts on “Mathematics – Enlarging and reducing to scale

  1. I really enjoyed the maths activity because it was really fun to do. The hard bit for me was when I was doing 1:0.5 for one of my names.

    • You did a fantastic job on your maths Aaron. I like the way you challenged yourself to reduce the scale by .5. It was hard to do but you succeeded. Well done.

  2. Hi all,
    This activity was great and the end results were great and bright. It was an enjoyable activbity because I like maths and art.
    I learnt that drawing to scale isn’t easy and it takes patience to do it!!
    Keep up the great work everyone and be patience in al you do!! 🙂

    • Thanks again Julie for you positive and encouraging comments to everyone. Well done! I’m glad you enjoyed the maths activity.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the activity Jason. You did a great job as well. Practising will make things easier, so next time it won’t be such a challenge. Well done.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the activity Jordan. You did an awesome job on your name. Also, you were fantastic for helping out some people in our class.

  3. I loved the maths activity and the I learnt that drawing to scale is not easy; it takes a lot of practice.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the maths activity Tommy. I know you did a great job on the activity. You know what they say, Practice makes perfect!

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