20 thoughts on “‘Sick’ by Shel Silverstein

  1. Hey Mrs Francis. This Shel Silversten is a very funny and smart guy to come up with all these ryhmes. It was very funny and Kool. Mrs francis I think that this is a very funny story indeed and it got funnier towards the end.=)

  2. Hi Mrs Francis!

    This poem is really fitting for some people like me! There was one time where I didn’t want to do the chores so I left it for dad to do it. He didn’t do it properly so mum scolded him. 🙂


  3. Oh Mrs Francis 🙂
    I would sure try one of those excuses on my mum for not going to tutor! Hahahahah! I really like the way of the reader read this story; she had so much expression! Her drawings look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! =]

  4. Hi Mrs Francis
    It’s me again, It is very funny that she thought it was the week day not the weekend. Do you know what day she thought it was? :P.

  5. Hi Mrs Francis
    I’d probably try those excuses to stay home away from school (no offence). I’ve made excuses many times but not many of them have worked 🙁 But one time I made a really good excuse to get out of tutor so on Saturday my Mum went grocery shopping and I had a stomach ache. So I decided to make it worse so I told my little brother and my little cousin to sit on my stomach for about half an hour by then I felt really sick. So after my mum came home I looked very sick and my body felt numb (because my brother was jumping on me instead of sitting on me) and that’s why I didn’t go to tutor.

  6. Hi Mrs Francis
    Sally Anne McKay sure came up with a lot of excuses. If I was really sick for a few days I would get one day off. I know my mum would like me to go to school so I wouldn’t bother making any excuses.

    • I guess it’s not worthwhile making excuses, is it Jordan, if you already know it isn’t going to work.

    • Thanks Peter for stopping by and for your comments. How many excuses have you ever made for not doing something?

  7. Hey Mrs Francis. It’s Tien and I think that the Shel Silverten poem “Sick” is very funny and I have a bunch of excuses to use in case I really don’t want to go to school; but school is still great not that I don’t like it.=)

    • I am glad you enjoyed the poem Tien. But do you really want to use excuses for not coming to school?

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