Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

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Today all the 5/6 students had the opportunity of going to the Melbourne Town Hall to listen to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. During our music lessons we have been studying the orchestra, and the various parts that make up the orchestra.  This excursion was part of our study. We shared this wonderful experience with many other Melbourne Schools. We were completely captivated by the talents of everyone from the very first note. It was an exciting event and one that we will treasure for a long time.

The show was called Meet the Orchestra. The empty stage, slowly filled with the musicians as we waited patiently for the show to commence.  Eventually the full orchestra was assembled.  The conductor introduced us all to each part of the orchestra.Having the musicians dressed in colour-coded T-shirts helped us see exactly where instruments from the same family were assembled. The music showcased Australian composers. We were captivated by the wonderful music which transported us to Kakadu, with the sound of birds in flight and then along the train tracks with the rhythmic sound of a train on tracks. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show, especially when the audience was asked to take part with a body percussion song and singing.

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    • Thanks Jenny Jen Jen. As you can see from all the comments. Everyone had a fantastic time. Maybe when you get to 5/6 you will also be able to go and watch the MSO playing.

  1. Today I went to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The show was fantastic. Sadly I fell asleep for a while during the show. Jess singing the high pitched voice was very hard for me, I could not do it.

    • You must have found the music very soothing Aaron that you fell asleep. Hopefully you didn’t miss too much of the show.

  2. The show was amazing!! The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra had such amazing talents that I had never seen!! I loved the part where we listened to the flutes play ‘Let It Go’ by Demi Lovato. I also realised that the orchestra wore different coloured shirts to represent the different types of instruments.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis!
    When we went to the Melbourne Town Hall, I was really excited because it was my first time going to see the orchestra live. It was really cool and awesome. They wore different coloured shirts to show which family of instrument they are in. The blues were the strings, the yellows were the percussion, the red were the brass and the green were the woodwinds. I personally like the Strings family. I think I like the song Eliza Aria’s the best. But overall, I really enjoyed the ‘Meet the Orchestra’ session very much.


  4. Mrs francis this is very nice of you to put this in. It was great because we participated in the show as well as the orchestra and singers. The colours up on stage were blue, in the front, The red was on both sides near the green in the middle and yellow was up the back. The music was tremendous and very awesome. This was our first excursion besides the camp of 2014. That doesen’t count.=)

  5. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was fantastic. It was fun when we did the Ya Nha Ha dance. I like the part when they sang the train song.
    My favourite instrument was the strings. The strings made me tired.

  6. Hi Mrs Francis

    The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was amazing! The sounds of all the instruments combined were astounding! I really liked the strings though. They can make the sound of a flock of birds and even train tracks! but instead of the orchestra looking like what it looks above they were in colors so we could recognize the strings family,The Brass family , The percussion and the woodwinds. We could also join in the song Yahnana; the song was beautiful.

  7. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The M.S.O. was so cool!! I really enjoyed the part where we had to sing “Yananhi” and do the body percussion.

  8. Mrs Francis,
    Today was really amazing!! I loved the part when the audience stood up and did the Aboriginal song and mostly, what EVERYONE loved was the dance to the song! Kelly and I really thought the song of ‘Let It Go’ that the flutes played was way unique! 🙂

  9. Hello Mrs Francis,

    The MSO Meet the Orchestra was AMAZING! There were different colours that represent each family. Red represents the Brass Family, Blue represents the Strings family, Green represents the Woodwinds family and lastly Yellow represents the Percussion family.

    The pieces of music were spectacular. My favourite song was Let It Go when the Woodwind family demonstrated what it sounds like 😀

  10. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The pictures look interesting! I learned that the percussion is sitting in the back, the strings near the front of the orchestra, the woodwinds in the middle and the brass on the sides. Wow that was a great show! The audience sang so well. I also learned all the players wear different colours the back is the percussion that wore yellow, Green the woodwinds in the middle, Strings is blue and red was brass. They look colourful! The audience was so happy! The aboriginal song sounded great! Everyone enjoyed it!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the show Samantha. It was a great idea to have the musicians wearing different colour T-shirts, so it made it easier for the audience to recognise the different sections. Normally, though, when they play they are all dressed the same.

  11. Hey Mrs Francis

    The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was amazing. The best part I liked was when we did the dance (yanaha). The string family wore blue and the brass wore red, the woodwinds wore green and the percussion wore yellow. If I would play in one family I would pick the string family.

  12. Dear Mrs Francis

    The Melbourne symphony orchestra was fantastic. There were different colour t-shirts. The blue which was at the front was strings, the red which was in the middle was brass, the green was the woodwind and in the back was yellow which was percussion. They were at the back because they were the loudest.

    My favourite part was the ya nha ha because it shook the whole place and we got to dance and sing with the mso

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was very entertaining and captivating. The way the orchestra was arranged helped lots. The members were dressed in different colours (strings-blue, brass-red, woodwinds-green and precussions-yellow). There was a part where the audience joined in. The piece that the audience participated in was called ‘Yanaha’. This year the orchestra did an Australian theme, where the composers were all from Australia. The performance we watched was called ‘Meet the Orchestra’. That is where all the colour codes come in. As a result this performance was mesmerising.

  14. Hi Mrs Francis
    MSO – Meet the Orchestra was fantastic. The songs they played were extremely good. It was loud and there were many familiar sounding songs. The members in the orchestra wore different coloured shirts to tell us their family. Yellow-Percussion, Green-Woodwind, Red-Brass and a lot of Blue-Strings. Many of the instruments I saw were the same as what Mrs D’Souza taught our class. Kyle mentioning it was like they were the wiggles was funny. We had to sing an aboriginal song with body percussion (Yanaha *unsure spelling*). If I was in the orchestra I would like to be a part of the Percussion Family.

  15. Hello Mrs Francis the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was great. The Australian composers did a really good job on writing the music. I learnt a lot from it – the colours actually helped. The percussion was yellow and was at the back. The strings were at the front and they were blue. The brass was in the middle and were red. The woodwinds also were in the middle and they were green. When we got up to sing and do the actions it was fun and enjoyable.

  16. Hi Mrs Francis
    Its me again. When the M.S.O started playing, it was amazing and it was still amazing at the end as well. And I want to go another time. And I liked when we had to do the dance with the song, it was a bit hard at first and then it became easier.

  17. Dear Mrs Francis,
    My parents and I have been to many orchestras before but this orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was the BEST orchestra we’ve been to. I loved when they had to wear different coloured tops, like Red – Brass, Blue – Strings, Green – Woodwinds and Yellow – Percussion. With the music I felt lost in my imagination. l was dreaming and imagining about what each part of the music was! All the people that were there participated in an audience piece called “Yananha”.

    • Thank you Kyle for your great comments. Please thank your mum and dad for coming today. I am glad they also enjoyed the performance.

  18. Hello Mrs Francis,
    This performance was a great performance because it was the first time I have been to listen to the M.S.O (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) playing. This show was the Meet The Orchestra. This performance also included the 5/6 to be a choir. This performance is one of the best one.


  19. Hi Mrs Francis,

    Today the 5/6s went to the Melbourne Town Hall to watch the Meet the Orchestra show. We all had a lot of fun. The people in the orchestra wore colour-coded T-shirts to show the different parts of the orchestra: String, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion. We also had to join the orchestra in a song Called Yananha. We had to dance and sing to the lyrics.

  20. Hi!! It was a FABULOUS orchestra! Our 5/6’s participated in a song called Yhnaha.Everyone participated well and it looked like a Mexican wave!I got to learn about the instruments of the orchestra. I really enjoyed the concert and guess what….. we sat in the balcony section of the Melbourne Town Hall!
    Thank you!
    I would rate this excursion 4 stars!

  21. Hi Mrs Francis,

    The show was amazing! They wore different colour t-shirts to tell us the different families. We joined in the audience piece called Yananha. I felt some of the music’s emotions. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had!

  22. Hey Mrs Francis,
    It seems like your class had a wonderful time at the orchestra. Unfortunately, in year 5 I was overseas at the time so I didn’t get the chance to go. I have seen your other uploads and they brought back so many memories. It also seems that your class this year is very talented, tell them I said, “Hi”. I am looking forward to your new uploads, I remember when there was barely anything on this website. I haven’t forgotten my time in your class and I hope to be able to see you again. I visited today but you weren’t there. Well, bye and I miss you!
    Sincerely, Kimberly your amazing student from 2013

    • Wow Kimberly it is so nice to hear from you. I am so glad you visited our blog. There are still some great posts with your work from 2013. I certainly haven’t forgotten all the fantastic things we did in the classroom as well. Our blog has grown and will continue to grow. Keep visiting because there are some great new posts coming in the next few days. Have you tried the interactive jigsaws on the blog? There seems to be a competition on at the moment between many people! I am glad you treasure fond memories of your time in the class last year. Get some of the other girls to check out the blog as well and leave a comment. I would love to hear from them. Thanks again Kimberly for visiting. Keep in touch.

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