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Solar System: Homework Research Assignments

Hi everyone. Since you are all starting to think about some ‘I wonder’ questions regarding our new Integrated topic, I have included the project sheet which we will look at in class. This way you can always refer to it if it is in our blog. Start thinking about which topics you will research. Remember: You must choose ONE topic from each column. Remember to also present your work in an interesting manner. From week to week we will add someone’s work to our blog.

Our Place In Space

Sovereign Hill – A Recount of our Experiences!

Hello 5/6 Francis bloggers,

Thanks everyone for your efforts in writing up your

experiences at Sovereign Hill.

The finished product is something you should be proud of.  Well done!

We hope you all enjoy watching our presentation.

Make sure you leave some positive comments for the authors.

Invite your parents to watch the presentation as well

so they can see how fantastic Sovereign Hill is;

ask them to leave a comment.

Don’t forget to turn up your speakers as you watch and read!


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Social Emotional Learning – Resilience

We have been discussing resilience in our classroom as part of social emotional learning.

Two of our students came up with some very deep and meaningful thoughts.

We now share them with you.

Happiness keeps you sweet.

Trials keep you strong.

Sorrows keep you human.

Failures keep you glowing.

But only God can keep you going!

by Kimi


Thank you Kimi for your profound insights!

And yet another insight!

Dear You. Yes, YOU!

Sometimes life might be hard but don’t give up so easily. Okay? 

Life can be full of hardships, but you have to learn to cope with them.

After all, resilience makes you stronger. Bad things happen to people but God knows that you can cope with it and that you are strong and that you won’t break down easily.

Being strong and having the courage to face your problems will set you up to be a much stronger person in the future.

Don’t give up and never give in!

Be strong! Be resilient!

by Shayla


Thank you Shayla for sharing your thoughts with us.

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Sovereign Hill Camp 2014

Hello 5/6 Francis bloggers, and welcome back to the future.

I know you all had a wonderful time in Sovereign Hill.

From all accounts you enjoyed your time in the 1850’s.

In the next few days we will be sharing our comments and insights whilst on camp.

Stay tuned!


Sovereign Hill Camp on PhotoPeach





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