The Beauty of the Heavens – Our Interpretation

This is our interpretation of the Beauty of the Heavens.

This artwork took us a few weeks to complete. First we used watercolor paints on waterproof paper to paint how we saw the heavens. We sprinkled salt over the painting so that it absorbed the excess water. When it was dry we brushed off as much of the salt as we could, then did our “splatter” to signify the stars. We waited a few days for our paintings to dry again. We then created our Earth (black mountains) to signify watching the heavens from Earth. We really enjoyed this activity.

We hope you enjoy our interpretations! Remember to turn up your speakers!

The Beauty of the Heavens – Our Interpretation on PhotoPeach

6 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Heavens – Our Interpretation

  1. Dear Mrs.Francis,
    The artwork was really messy but REALLY exciting! My hands got really dirty and full with paint but luckily it got washed off 😀 I hope we get to do another intense artwork soon!

    • I am glad you enjoyed the activity Christian. Even though it may have been messy, look at the final results!

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