Archive | June 5, 2014



               In Maths over the past few weeks we have been learning about graphs and data. We learnt that there are many different types of graphs: bar graphs, tally graph, line graph, pie graph, dot plots and histograms, just to name a few. We learnt how to read data from different types of graphs and how to compare them.

               We also conducted surveys in our class and then designed graphs to show the information. The most difficult one was doing all the calculations for drawing a pie graph. After a while it became easier and it was a lot of fun.

               One of the best activities we did was to design two surveys for a class in our school. This was a lot of fun because we had to think about the age of the children we were going to survey. We couldn’t make the questions too difficult for the younger children.

               Our literacy activity was to write a letter to the class teacher asking for a convenient time when we could conduct the survey. We then delivered the letters and waited in anticipation for our replies, which for most of us, came back very quickly.  Then came the fun part! We went to each classroom and surveyed the students. Some of us were very nervous, but we came back quite happy with our results!

                As part of this activity we also incorporated ICT and we learnt how to use Excel to design the bar and pie graphs.

               Below are the results (in the form of a PowerPoint) for each Year level in the school.

            Feel free to download the survey results and leave a comment!

by Tracey and Julie