48 thoughts on “NASA: Inside the Space Station

  1. I enjoyed watching the video and now I know I don’t want to go to space any more. I learnt that in a space station it is a bit small.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis
    I found this very interesting the most fascinating fact to me was how they sleep and they couldn’t sit for 6 months! I would like to be able to sleep in the beds but I don’t want to experience using the toilet……… Anyway I wouldn’t even want to be an astronaut either way because I get homesick and I’m not used to a different place and to stay with people not related to me.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis!

    I just watched the video and it was very interesting and informative. To me the most fatanscinating thing was how they can fit three labatories in one space craft! Although everything seems awesome way up there, I don’t think I would like to become an astronaut though.

  4. Staying in space is hard. I thought it was going to be really easy but it turns out it’s hard. I like the way the bedrooms and the kitchen is designed, but when you eat in space you have to get the food from a tube; I wonder if you can taste anything. Aksi when you go into space and come out of space the capsules are really squishy.

  5. I think that this video was very funny and cool. You could be a superman in space. Like the actual superman. But you could always float into a black hole or a worm hole. But when I grow up I want to become a space ranger=)
    P.S It was actually sorta gross.

  6. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The spacecraft looked almost like a maze. I bet the astronauts must have explored the spacecraft before they climbed aboard. The toilet procedure was indeed really funny and a bit interesting. I actually thought they used nappies. Either way the spacecraft was very fascinating and quite cool.

  7. Dear Mrs Francis,

    I have finished watching the video “A Cool And Candid Look Inside The International Space Station”. I couldn’t believe how crowded it was in the space station. That video changed my mind about being an astronaut because of the toilet in there … YUUUUUUKKKKKK!!!!!!!

    • I am glad you enjoyed watching the video Kyle. Remember, the toilet part was only a small part of the whole video. There were so many more fascinating things to do there.

  8. Dear Mrs.Francis,
    The video was fascinating! I love floating around like that and I wish we could do that on Earth. Staying in that space station wouldn’t be fun because theres not a lot of technology like what we have on Earth 😀

    • Christian I think the space station has so much more technology than we have here today. I guess it is a different type of technology and more appropriate to the work that is being done on the Space station.

  9. Hi Mrs Francis

    The video was really intresting. The bad thing is I can’t live without the internet :(. But being in space looks really fun I would really like to get in one of those space suits and go into space. There were lots of things I learnt in the video like how you go to the toilet(that part was preety funny), What food looked like and how you stay fit.

    • There are so many activities the astronauts do while they are on the Space station. I am sure they are kept busy all day, every day working hard.

  10. Hi Mrs Francis
    The Space Station is big but no very roomy. I wonder just how hard it is to not be able to sit and lay down. It is so cool because you can fly around and not be worried of falling down a hole. There are many ways being an astronaut is good and bad.

  11. Hi Mrs Francis

    When I hadn’t watched the video yet I thought it was cool to be in space but when I watched it, it made me change my mind but it is cool to be floating around but there is one problem I’m scared of heights that means I could not go to space; plus I’m not that brave.

    • Who knows Tommy, one day you may overcome your fear of heights and maybe you may change your mind about space.

  12. Hi Mrs Francis,

    From the video, I learned that when astronauts sleep they sleep under, two sides and the top. I like the part where we can look at earth; it looks cool. I like the flying in the air because it’s a lot of fun.

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,

    After I watched the video clip I learnt that being on a Space Station wouldn’t be fun because it would be narrow in some places. The place in the Space Ship I liked was the place where Astronauts would sleep. In my opinion I think being on land is better than being in space.

  14. HI! Mrs.Francis

    I really like this video; it is very fascinating. When I watched this video I was very dizzy. The most fascinating thing about this video was the bed and how astronauts can live in the station for so long that they think it’s not hard but I think it’s really hard. If I lived on a space station for so long like this I would probably go crazy. I really enjoyed watching this video. Thank you Mrs.Francis for posting this up!:)

  15. Hi Mrs Francis,

    Not being able to sit or lay down for six months is fascinating! Now that I think about it, I don’t think I would like to be an astronaut. Inside the space station looks very confusing and parts of the video were funny. I didn’t know that there was some equipment to do exercise with or astronauts need to do some exercise in space. I wonder how they could move inside the space station with all that equipment?

  16. Living in space is fun. Inside the satellite is very narrow and squishy. There is so much technology that I wouldn’t know where to start.
    I wish I could stay in space.

  17. Dear Mrs Francis

    My favourite part was the gym. The gym was really weird because it was wobbly and it dose not look like anything I’ve seen.

  18. Every bit of the video is so fascinating to me!! By just watching this video makes me feel like I want to be an Astronaut right now!! The part I loved the most was the part when the woman in this video, introduced me to the bedrooms because these beds are so cool like on the ceiling, on two walls and the floor!! This video presented a new world to me. 🙂

  19. Hi Mrs.Francis

    The video was great. The most interesting part was how they sleep. I have never tried sleeping like that and the way they have their food organised. It would be awesome seeing earth it would be so pretty and the space suit was awesome and thank you so much for adding it to the blog.

  20. The space rocket looks big from the outside but the inside is very small. I also never knew that there was lots of equipment and things that were everywhere.

    • Yes, it does have so much equipment doesn’t it, but there seems to be a place for everything and everything in its place!

  21. Hi Mrs Francis
    After I watched the Space Station Live I want to work on a space station when I grow up, but I want to have a job too when I grow up.

  22. Greetings All!
    Watching this makes me think about my family because if I was in space I would miss my parents and siblings.(If you were single it would be easier than with a family)Secondly I DON’T WANT TO DIE!I forgot, I would miss my parent’s cooking !(Mostly the events at home,the humour of the stories from parents and school!)

  23. Hello Mrs Francis,
    I wonder how big the Space Rocket/Station is because it looks like it has a lot of room and the feeling of being in a space station feels like a lot of fun but when you get bored and want to have a drink it is going to be very hard. You also may not go to your whole family to play with.

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