Poetry and Shaving Cream Art

After watching the YouTube video on ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong, we reflected on the beauty of our world. Looking through a window, what did we see?

Beautiful colours of the earth and the heavens.

We then created our “shaving cream” art piece using shaving cream and poster paint.

We had a lot of fun creating this art piece, even though it was so messy.

We didn’t know what designs we would end up with until we turned the paper over!

What we ended up with were some very abstract art pieces!

 When they were dry, we had to decide what shapes we would cut our art piece into; then we measured and cut the art piece into the different shapes.

Below is our interpretation of looking through a window and seeing the beautiful colours and shapes of the world around us.

Looking through the window of each art piece, what can you see?

Look closely because there are so many hidden shapes and animals. Look closely!

15 thoughts on “Poetry and Shaving Cream Art

  1. My artwork was fantastic. I like it very much. Other people’s artwork was really good too. It took me a lot of time to think of things to say. I really like Tien’s poem as it was very good.

  2. Hello Mrs Francis,
    This artwork is fascinating. I see so many things that I didn’t see before. My favourite artwork was the tiger one. It was easy work and fun.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The shaving art work was really fun and the finished product turned out well. My advice of encouragement is that you have relax and let everything flow into your mind.

  4. Dear Mrs.Francis,
    The artowrk was pretty smelly when we finished but it was great fun! This was the first time I’ve ever done an artwork using shaving cream 😀

  5. Hi Mrs Francis

    The Shaving cream art was amazing I had to use my imagination to see most of the pictures in the artwork. Some of the artwork was beyond my imagination so I couldn’t see the pictures in it. The poems that came with the artwork was also amazing! Most of the poems described the picture but some showed true colors in it.

  6. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The art that everyone did looked like it took a lot of effort. The art work was fun until it got quite frustrating. I can sometimes spot weird things in the art and the art was a lot of fun.

  7. The artwork is really fascinating!! There is so much detail .. there is a lot of uniqueness in every piece. Some are very meaningful and some are very creative and imaginative .. well, ALL of them are very creative and imaginative, isn’t that right?

  8. Dear Mrs.Francis

    I enjoyed doing this activity because I love to use my imagination to see what things that are simple can turn into something meaningful and things that you can comment about because I like to use my imagination. Everyone has a different imagination and they all didn’t turn out to be the same; most of picture are very sad and some are very furious some are so hilarious.

    Thank you Mrs.Francis for posting this up and to letting us have the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful art pieces and to do these beautiful poems.

  9. HI Mrs Francis
    The art we did was a lot of fun and everybody’s art is so beautiful!
    The poems everybody wrote are wonderful and Shayla’s last line on the poem, she got from me~~
    I hope we can do more art like this

  10. Hello Mrs Francis,
    Everyone did a great job making this artwork it looked great. I also understand what they want the viewers to know. This is the best Shaving Cream artwork for me. =3

  11. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The shaving cream art is really creative. We all enjoyed doing it. The poetry was fantastic! Even though we were in this activity(except Joanna)WE LOVE ALL OF IT!

  12. Hi Mrs Francis

    The shaving cream art activity was AWESOME:) and I liked the poem writing!!! I wanted to put my poem name as POPCORN.( but then I changed it to shivering snow.

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,

    Everyone made a good art picture 🙂 . When I was doing the shaving cream art I had to be wise when I was doing it. It took me a while to make the poetry because I couldn’t see any pictures. It was fun making the shaving cream pictures.

  14. Hi Mrs Francis
    When you showed us our shaving cream art I didn’t know that there were so many pictures in our art.

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