A Day Made of Glass – the future of technology

Watch this video.

Is this the future?

Will your day be like this?

Will your classroom look like this?

Write back and tell me what you think the coolest thing about school

would be in a day made of glass.

Has all this been made possible because of Space Exploration?

What do you think?

Has your life been made easier through all this technology?

40 thoughts on “A Day Made of Glass – the future of technology

  1. Wow Life In The Future Is Awesome! Haha Its Really Cool When You Go To School And Your Work Is On The Table Technology In The Future Will Be Great For Adults And Children.

  2. Everything in glass and technology is very easy for our life. We don’t need to stress and it’s easy to teach students too. And even cooler is that we don’t have to use a pen! Well I’m not that lazy though! ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s very cool ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow, this future technology is amazing! I hope I can live longer and wait for this kind of technology to be created ๐Ÿ˜€
    But the bad side is that it could hurt your eyes; they should find a way to not make your eyesight worse.

  4. Dear Mrs.Francis,
    I think space exploration should continue sometimes; when I say sometimes, I mean that if there’s way too much technology then it might ruin our Earth and the environment by making people rely on it too much. This kind of technology is really good for the future since you can use it at school; it means that we don’t need books lying around. Also students just have to type which makes it faster. For example, in the video there’s a part that children are learning how to combine colours; that a fun way to learn about colours.

    • Thanks Christian. I think the technology is great and yes, it seems to be a fun, easy way to learn so much more.

  5. Hi mrs Francis.
    I think the coolest thing in school is the whiteboard the teacher has that – all your stuff is on the table and how you turn the lights off.

  6. Hi Mrs Francis!

    Although the future looks very nice compared to now, I think that they should make a way to make technology less harming to the human eyes. Also to ban hammers just in case anything happens. The good side is that we wouldn’t need to do things like heavy-duty stuff. Also maybe the children would learn more this way?

    ~Wolfie ^.^

    • Thanks for your comments Wolfie. I think the glass is unbreakable anyway. Does that mean that if they ban hammers, no-one will ever need to use one again?

  7. Hi Mrs Francis
    A day Made of Glass is a very fascinating video. The way they do art is no longer messy so there is no use for art smocks. The Iphones and Ipads are really cool I wish they would be out in Australia now. The flexible glass is very useful because you can use it almost anywhere and and by the looks of it, it won’t break. The way the school is set looks very modern and exciting. Also the houses and cars looks amazing. Just think a non-fingerprint car could help lots. Also when you by a car you usually by sun shades but the new high-tech cars allow you to have two in one with just an invisible film. I bet that when the new glass world comes to Australia it will spark lots of interest in almost everyone.

    • Thanks for your comments Tracey. I think the technology is here already! Not all of us can afford it yet. It is pretty cool though. By the way, don’t you like the cleaning up after art lessons?

  8. It looks like the future is better than now because children don’t have to write and the teachers don’t have to waste money on books. And when we do art we won’t make a big mess if we are using technology.

    • Thanks for your comments Vi. The future is actually here now! Some places are already using some of this glass technology, but it is still very expensive at the moment. Don’t you like making a mess when we do art? I guess it would help with the cleaning up wouldn’t it?

  9. Hi Mrs Francis
    I think the technology in the video is very good :). Life would be easier but also it can be bad for your eyes. But it is still very useful. You don’t have to do much but excercising shouldn’t be gone because of all this technology. People have always said my pencil grip is weird but now I don’t have to worry since the technology makes writing easier. This technology is something I would like to be real.

    • Thanks Jordan for your comments. I know you would like to have more technology because of your pencil grip! I’m happy to read that you feel that people should not stop exercising. We all need a balance when using technology.

  10. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I think that is my future, and one day there will be glass technology everywhere instead of paper and pens, and it has some good and bad points.

  11. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I wish if I could do that! My favourite part is when the girls saw a dinosaur and when the girls put on the music. Yes my life would be easier and cooler! I don’t really know if it is possible because of Space Exploration. ITS SO COOL!

    • It is really cool and yes a lot of this is possible because of space exploration and the technology that was developed for space. It is actually here now and being used by some people, but it is still very very expensive.

  12. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I forgot something; my other favourite part is when the girl wakes up and can choose the clothes for today.

    • I think that is pretty cool too Samantha. That way you don’t have to take the clothes out of the wardrobe and therefore no messing up your room.

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,
    A day made of glass would be awesome; also it would be good for us and our education because if you think about would you want to be carrying so many books to school in your bag or would you want to just take a device to school.You can change the colour of your glass with one touch if you want it dark just touch the glass and tone it down. Life would be so much simpler don’t you think?

    • Not sure Joanna. I guess if you very good at all the technology, then maybe life would be a lot easier. Not sure. I understand though about not carrying so many heavy books. It makes sense to have one table for everything.

  14. I think technology is great to use but not for every single thing. I would probably become blind or become really bored of using the same piece of technology. Oh, and Mrs Francis, I would like that the picture if Leyla and her father in a battle. Thank you!

    • Thanks Kelly for your comments. I think I would get bored too. Great choice on the artwork. Just put your name down on the list when we get to school tomorrow.

  15. Hey Mrs Francis

    I think the future technology is awesome but there is one thing. If we use tech and robots to do the jobs people will lose their jobs and if we use technology most of our time won’t we turn fat? What do you think???

    • Thanks for your comments Tommy. Yes, I guess we need a balance between technology and doing things for ourselves. People still need to exercise and enjoy their lives without relying on technology. I guess the risk is that people will rely completely on technology and will stop doing and thinking for themselves.

  16. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I think technology is great but people in our world are becoming lazy because there is so much technology. I think that WE should have a balance of things we do in our lives because doing the same things makes you bored or you become VERY lazy. Maybe robots will eventually control the Universe if there is more technology. Thank You! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Hi Mrs Francis,

    The good points are that we don’t have to carry or use a lot of equipment and that it is very clean and efficient. The bad points are that it is very bad for your eye sight and you might get very bored after a while using it too much.

  18. Hi Mrs Francis
    I think school would be fun everyday and it would be amazing!! Everyday we could just wake up go to school and work on the tables. I don’t think we would need laptops anymore. We would be lazy but the technology we use is so efficient so I really don’t know what I would choose either, to use technology all my life or go out and play.

    • It does look like a lot of fun and certainly more efficient. But I agree with you,would it make us a little lazy and too reliant on the technology? Thanks for your comments.

  19. Hey Mrs Francis! Watching “A Day Made of Glass” intrigued me because I have never thought about future technology being so advanced.

    • Thanks Kelly for stopping by and for your comments. Yes technology is moving at an extremely fast pace. School looks great doesn’t it in a day made of glass?

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