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  1. Describe a personality of a graceful actor who was a tightrope walker.

    Once there lived a graceful actor tightrope walker. She was so graceful that she was in a circus. She did all kinds of tricks on the tightrope. She could even do a back flip without even falling off. When the show finished she was very kind to others. She always cared when something was wrong and she never made anyone sad. One day when she was performing she accidentally fell onto the ringmaster. When it happened she was so terrified that she ran backstage. luckily the ringmaster was fine. So when she performed again she was always careful. The next time she was in an act she was very graceful again.


  2. One day a detective was solving a crime Someone had stolen all the gold from the bank. The crime was too hard for the detective to solve so he called a magician to solve it. After a few hours the magician said, “The gold is not hidden on this planet.” The detective asked, “How do you?” The magician pointed to a piece of paper that said, “IHJ2 $#!T1HK T4.” (the gold is not hidden on this planet). “Well if that’s the case then we should send rovers into space,” said the detective. So that’s what they did! They made a space shuttle called Shooting Star X. Shooting Star X was 169 meters tall; it was even taller than Saturn V(the tallest rocket in the world). Shooting Star X held space rovers and satellites, the James Webb telescope and some more machinery. Finally they launched Shooting Star X into space. The sent all the rovers and satellites out. They also sent the James Webb telescope out. The rovers landed on every single planet in the solar system; they even landed on the dwarf planets. It took about two months for all the rovers to search all the whole planets.Finally, a rover named AB-63ETH found the gold. It was hidden in a transparent vault. The vault was in the Asteroid belt on the dwarf planet Ceres. The rover tried to use its drills to break through but it couldn’t; it must’ve been reinforced with glass. So they built a space suit for the magician so he could teleport to the planet Ceres. So that’s what he did; he teleported to Ceres, than he zapped the reinforced glass and it made a hole so he snuck in and saw a guy counting all the gold. He then used his magic powers to teleport all the gold back to the bank. He also teleported the robber back to the bank. He then went to the police and told them that he was the robber. The launch of the space shuttle was a big success because they could launch the James Webb Telescope and more satellites. The James Webb telescope saw lots of things the Hubble telescope saw, like nebula’s really big stars etc. So the launch of Shooting star X was not only to catch the robber but was also to discover new things.

    The End.

  3. Title: Write an email to a sincere magician who is a tightrope walker.
    Dear Wonderful Magician,

    I hear that you are a very dedicated magician and that you once were a very good tightrope walker as well. I was one of your biggest fans when you did those amazing tricks on the tightrope. They were spectacular to watch. I loved all your shows very much even the ones you’re doing now with magic. I wonder if you could come back to do more of your wonderful tricks on the tightrope. They were fantastic. I was awestruck every second because of your wonderful performances. I do hope you can reply as soon as possible.
    Your Sincerely

  4. Write a funny story about an unpopular movie star who wins the lottery.

    Once there was a unpopular movie star. This story happened a long long time ago. He was so unpopular that only his family knew him. All he ever did was go to work and nothing else. So everyday when he went to work he passed the lottery shop. Everyday he would go in there and buy a lottery ticket but he never won anything. Then one week passed and that was the day when the lottery was drawn, but his numbers didn’t come out and he said “NO WAY! THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!” So he decided not to buy any more lottery tickets. But one day when he was walking to work he thought that he would try to buy one more lottery ticket because the lottery would be drawn the next day, so he bought one. One day later the lottery was drawn and the number was….69 but his number was 96. But he thought that if he turned the number the other way, it would be 69.He excitedly shouted, “I JUST WON THE LOTTERY” and as he screamed he ran to the lottery store and collected the money. THE END

  5. Write an email to a courageous spell caster who is looking for an invisible door.
    Dear Mr. Spell Caster,
    I am Kelly. How are you going? I’m fine. Have you found the invisible door yet? Well, it does take great patience to find something. Anyway, I heard that this is your 76th mission. Is that right? You have done 75 missions so far. That is incredible! Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am one of your biggest fans. I check your blog everyday. You put up very interesting posts. I love them all. Well, I must really go now! Peace out, Mr. Spell Caster. I hope you find the visible door soon. Oh, and please reply ASAP! Thank you!

  6. Describe the myth of a fiery phoenix who finds true love:

    There once lived a mystical phoenix. She was very elegant and majestic. Her sunset-colored feather always glittered in the light. Since she was one-of-a-kind, she was very lonely. The people that she had met slowly passed away over the years. One day, as she was flying away from some hunters who were chasing her, she accidentally collided into a tall tree’s trunk. The tree was so tall that it went high above the canopy, so she lost the hunters. When she glided to a nearby branch, she saw something that caught her attention. Now this was interesting because the phoenix had lived for quite a while and had seen many things before. In front of her was a sleeping male phoenix, resting peacefully. She was so shocked that she nearly fell off the branch. She was absolutely sure that there was only one phoenix in the whole entire magic realm. Slowly, as the boy woke up, he had his fair share of surprise as well. They waddled carefully to each other and awkwardly tried to start a conversation. But as soon as the talk started, they found that they had a lot in common and they blasted off like a rocket! In the end they had an egg that hatched into a beautiful little girl.
    The End~~~

  7. The Boy Who Paints Murals.

    There was once a boy named Kylisto and he was a painter. He wasn’t an ordinary painter though, he was a painter that painted murals. He painted a mural in the White House for the President and another in the Vatican and Sistine Chapel for the Pope. He even painted one for the Australian Prime-minister. He was very famous and people asked him to paint murals in their houses, churches, even schools. Until one day, he received a letter from the Queen saying “Hello, I’m just wondering if you can make a ceiling mural out of glass for me in Buckingham Palace and if you can do it by the next two weeks.” So Kylisto ordered eighty glass mural pieces that weighed up to eight kilograms. The receipt said it would cost $140. Since Kylisto had lots of money, making his fortunes with the murals, he paid it by cheque. The thing is, he didn’t know how to make glass murals. So for the next three days he immediately went on YouTube and watched “How to make glass murals.” Since Kylisto was a fast learner, he practised and even went to Giordano, who was a glass mural expert. Giordano said that Kylisto was a natural. So he travelled to London and met the Queen in person. He asked “What type of picture do you want on the ceiling.” She replied “I want a picture of space, with a space shuttle, shooting star, planets and things that relate to space.” Kylisto started straight away! After 12 days of hard work and no sleep, he finished the mural and called the Queen to look at it. She told him, “I will come and look at it tomorrow with the news crew and we will open it to the public and you will be SUPER FAMOUS.” The next day, over 2000 people came to look at the glass ceiling and it was opened by Kylisto and the Queen. The opening took about two hours and after the opening the Queen whispered to Kylisto in a shocked voice, “That glass mural looks so real, but it’s glass. You did a very, very, VERY fantastic job.”

    The End!
    By: Kyle
    (380 words)

  8. There was a boy called Jim. Jim’s dream was to become a famous and powerful knight! He was 13 years of age. One day, while he was walking around England, Jim saw an outstanding poster that caught his eye. He walked up to the poster that was hung on a shop’s window; it said, ‘The bravest man who can bring the vain phoenix trapped inside the world’s tallest tower will be rewarded with the hand of the King’s daughter in marriage and will become a knight!’

    Jim did not think or read it twice. He traveled to the royal palace as fast as possible to accept this dangerous mission and aim for his dreams on becoming a powerful knight. At last he reached the palace; by the time he got to the king, the royal highness was just staring in astonishment at the little young boy !! Giving this brave boy a chance, the king gave him a sword, a horse and armour!!

    So onward he went with the long journey to bring back the phoenix and tame it to be nicer than it was now! He traveled long and far to the tower of the phoenix; an amount of time passed, but still, he kept up his hopes for his dreams of becoming a knight and being a worthy prince. At least he wasn’t that far from the tower!

    The time came for him to tame the phoenix! So up Jim went, all the way to the top of the tower where the phoenix lived. When Jim went to open the door where the phoenix should be, nothing was there, it was like nothing has ever visited this place! Suddenly, there was a high pitched screech behind him. All of a sudden, there was a burst of extreme heat! ‘WHY ARE YOU HERE?’ said a booming voice coming from the Phoenix.

    I am here to bring you back to my place where it is all nice and calm! ‘WHY WOULD I WANT TO COME WITH YOU?’ asked the confused phoenix. ‘Because you’ll have a better life that way if you come with me!’ Persuaded, the phoenix came back to the castle with Jim and Jim and the princess lived happily ever after!

  9. Write a mystical story about a phoenix who has a shield that no weapon can harm it

    The mystical phoenix

    In the phoenix world every phoenix picked on a little one but mostly a phoenix who was
    abandoned by his mother because she was poor. His name was Fiery named by the person
    who took him in. One day he went to the shops to buy food. While he was walking he tripped
    over something; it was a small bottle. Fiery opened the lid and saw water and since he was
    thirsty he drank it. Suddenly a small fairy appeared and it asked Fiery what power he wanted. He said, “An
    invisible shield that will follow and protect me from anything.” As soon as he said this a slightly
    visible shield appeared just as some bullies came to hurt Fiery. Magically, the shield
    blocked them and they started getting scared and ran away. When he got home no one was there so he
    went to his neighbour and asked where everyone was.They said that he went overseas and
    told us to keep you. KEEP ME?!?!?!?!?!?. So Fiery agreed to stay with them. Since he had a shield he went
    into a tournament. He tried many times and won and he was awarded $6969691234567890696969696969.
    After that they all became rich forever.

  10. Hi Mrs Francis
    I’m sorry I couldn’t comment earlier; there was no internet but I am having a great time so far except that it is very hot and I got sick 🙁
    The story starters are great and everyone is such a good writer.~~~.
    I hope you are doing well and have a great holiday.

    • Hey, Kuroi, great to hear from you. I am glad you are having a good time on your holiday. You have been missed by your classmates. You know you can always use story starters if you feel like doing some writing, and then post it on the blog. I hope you have a great holiday, and also keep checking in on the blog and keep in touch. Did you check out the new homework section? What do you think about the new system for Term 3? Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy the rest of the term. See you back at school in term 3.

  11. The Commonwealth Games

    One more week till….. yeah, THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES!!! I can’t wait for it and can’t wait for Australia to get Gold Medals and win their 7th game!! I hope that Australia will get more Medals than their last go in 2010 with 177 Medals. I also can’t wait for the swimming event with their new swimming uniform. The athletes have to be very healthy and I hope that Ian Thorpe …. Wait .. am I thinking of the right game? I don’t know but I heard a rumour that he announced that he was Gay. I don’t know what Zimbabwe did to get them kicked off but there goes The Fastest Man, Mr. Bolt. How do those athletes keep healthy? Do they eat fruit and vegetables or do they just exercise. But I know that they had to drink lots of WATER. I wonder if our class will train for the sports that they do but I doubt it though. The next Commonwealth Games are in AUSTRALIA, on the Gold Coast.

    The End
    (200 Words)
    By Kyle

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