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Earth actually older than we think!

earth older

According to one newspaper report, scientists have discovered that Earth is actually older than we first thought.

Have a read of the article.

JUN 11, 2014 8:20PM

The Earth is looking pretty good for its age, but that might be because it’s actually a lot older than we first thought.

It has been revealed that our planet could be 60 million years more senior after research conducted by geochemists at the University of Lorraine in France studied gases that have been around since Earth’s early days.

To go back to “deep time” it becomes difficult to put a date on early Earth events because, as typical geology uses rock composition to indicate time, there were no rock layers during its infancy. Another way to understand how old something is can be done by comparing changes in the amount of different gases around at certain dates.

The team analysed xenon gas found in Australian and South African quartz, which go back to 2.7 and 3.4 billion years. Gas is preserved in the quartz and acts like a time capsule for scientists to compare and refine dating techniques and estimate when Earth began to form.

It was previously thought the Earth’s atmosphere formed 100 million years after the solar system’s formation. But going by this new calculation it’s estimated this is now around 40 million years after.

But Mother Nature won’t have to worry about a senior’s card just yet. With the Earth’s age locked at over 4.5 billion-years-old this extra 60 million is, in the grand scheme of things, not a significant number but in an evolutionary realm a lot can happen in this time.

Evidence to come out this week has strengthened the theory that the moon was formed when a large object smashed into early Earth, sending fragments of molten rock and gas into space where they all consolidated to make the moon. So if this is the case, the moon also has just notched up a few more birthdays.

Dance Around the World!

“The more you get into music, the more you get out of life”

I hope you enjoy watching and dancing to this video.

It is a great video which will make you smile!

There are happy people out there. Not everyone is fighting and killing.

It is a trip around the world and will put a smile on your face.

Enjoy! Turn it up loud!

Shadow Puppet Show: Peter and the Wolf: Instruments of the Orchestra

 Following on from your excursion to the MSO, where you met the various instruments of the orchestra, I thought I would include this cute shadow puppet show called Peter and the Wolf.

As you watch, listen for all the different instruments of the orchestra.

It might help refresh your memories.  I hope you enjoy it.  Some of your younger brothers or sisters may even enjoy the show!

Don’t forget to turn up your speakers!

Shadow Puppet Show: Peter and the Wolf

And now I hope you enjoy this next hand shadow puppet show by the talented Raymond Crowe and featuring the beautiful song ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong. Again turn up your speakers.

What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong



               In Maths over the past few weeks we have been learning about graphs and data. We learnt that there are many different types of graphs: bar graphs, tally graph, line graph, pie graph, dot plots and histograms, just to name a few. We learnt how to read data from different types of graphs and how to compare them.

               We also conducted surveys in our class and then designed graphs to show the information. The most difficult one was doing all the calculations for drawing a pie graph. After a while it became easier and it was a lot of fun.

               One of the best activities we did was to design two surveys for a class in our school. This was a lot of fun because we had to think about the age of the children we were going to survey. We couldn’t make the questions too difficult for the younger children.

               Our literacy activity was to write a letter to the class teacher asking for a convenient time when we could conduct the survey. We then delivered the letters and waited in anticipation for our replies, which for most of us, came back very quickly.  Then came the fun part! We went to each classroom and surveyed the students. Some of us were very nervous, but we came back quite happy with our results!

                As part of this activity we also incorporated ICT and we learnt how to use Excel to design the bar and pie graphs.

               Below are the results (in the form of a PowerPoint) for each Year level in the school.

            Feel free to download the survey results and leave a comment!

by Tracey and Julie



The Beauty of the Heavens – Our Interpretation

This is our interpretation of the Beauty of the Heavens.

This artwork took us a few weeks to complete. First we used watercolor paints on waterproof paper to paint how we saw the heavens. We sprinkled salt over the painting so that it absorbed the excess water. When it was dry we brushed off as much of the salt as we could, then did our “splatter” to signify the stars. We waited a few days for our paintings to dry again. We then created our Earth (black mountains) to signify watching the heavens from Earth. We really enjoyed this activity.

We hope you enjoy our interpretations! Remember to turn up your speakers!

The Beauty of the Heavens – Our Interpretation on PhotoPeach


Kingdom of lost children cover20140522_123000 20140522_123047  20140522_122941

We recently had the opportunity of reading an amazing new book by L. J. Carter. We were very privileged since this book is not yet available for distribution in Australia. The writer is not only a wonderful author, but also a fantastic artist. The author is the daughter in law of one of Mrs Francis’ friends, and we have therefore been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity of reading this new publication.  We also thank Ms Carter for her lovely email to us and for her encouraging words regarding our writing. We feel quite honored!

We have a long list of children waiting to read the book but these are just some reviews from students in our class who have just finished reading the novel.

” I was very fortunate to have the opportunity of reading this wonderful novel when it was not even distributed in Australia yet. When I first saw the book, I knew I would enjoy it. Oh, and I’d like to tell you that the ‘Kingdom of Lost Children’ is the longest book I have ever read. I believe that the Kingdom of Lost Children – The Book of Ren should also become a movie because of the wonderful story line. It was full of mystery and beautiful artwork and I just couldn’t put it down. I rate this book a 10/10, which means that it is one of my favorite books every! Thank you Ms Carter for your wonderful novel and the beautiful artwork!”

(by Kelly Year 5)

I would like to see this story in a movie form; it is so rich with description! I look forward to each time there is another illustration within the book that represents a part of the story. The pictures are full of colour and mysticism (another reason why it would make a great film). The story line has a lot of twists and I love getting to know the characters. Many of the scenes with the children made me laugh which is good relief from the darkness that surrounds them in their situation. The magic in this book comes alive, stirs my imagination, and becomes increasingly exciting as the story unfolds. Would love to read another one!! I would love to see another book in the series. I hope Ms. Carter you keep going in your career as an author and illustrator and that you publish another book! Great book even though I am far away from the author, I feel so lucky and privileged to be one of the first people to read her book in Australia.  Thank you Ms Carter.”      (by Julie Year 6)


It is a true privilege to read The Kingdom of Lost Children. There were so many twists so if any time I put the book down I would never know what would happen at the end. The art work in the book is AMAZING!!!! To be honest I couldn’t put the book down. The characters and the setting of the story are absolutely unbelievable.  The genre of the story is just suitable for me. I also liked how the story captured my interest and imagination from the very start. I really enjoyed reading the book. Even by just judging the cover, it still looked interesting and really captured the eye. I would read this book again and would never get bored. I would say that this story by L J Carter is quite mesmerizing and the artwork is very captivating and beautifully presented. ”     (by Tracey Year 6)


“I feel so lucky to have read such a wonderful  book that isn’t available in bookshops in Australia yet. The book was great to read; I liked it very much. The story was interesting, mysterious and captivating and it didn’t take me too long to read because I couldn’t put it down. It was one of the longest books I have ever read and enjoyed all the way through. I enjoyed reading the book a lot. I also rate this book 10/10 and I would like to thank Ms. L.J. Carter for writing such a wonderful book for young people to read.”    (by Aaron Year 6)

Hi Mrs Francis!

I’ve just finished reading the book and it blew my mind, literally. The book had a very rich and interesting plot line because for me it was the balance between reality and fantasy that had me drawn in. Although the story was meant to be serious (or so I think), I can’t help but find some parts humorous. The characters were very detailed and that made them very realistic. I find that the book has some identical events that happen in the real world. The story had me thinking of all different possible outcomes in the end. There were many plot twists that surprised me and had me captivated to the very end of the story. The artwork was very beautiful and nearly had me taking pictures. The art style suited the story line and I think Ms Carter is very creative. I also read the authors note at the end and It saddens me to even think that children are going through immense pain while we are living obliviously in our lives.To me it is a privilege to have read this book. The book has opened my eyes to see the harsh truth but has also made me realise that just a little bit of help can change a whole world sometimes.”  ~Artemis (Year 5)