What’s on your plate? – Healthy Eating!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are still enjoying your holidays!

Now that you have looked at the fun ‘exercise’ video on the elephant doing his aerobics, let’s start to think about what goes into our mouths!

They say that you are what you eat.

So let’s get healthy and think about what we put on our plates!

Watch this video.

It will give you lots of tips on what to put on your plate.

Did you notice all the bright colours on the children’s plate?

Maybe you can try your own combination of a healthy plate.

Maybe you can take a photo of what’s on your plate

and bring it to school next term.

Here is a healthy recipe you can try.

Do you notice all the bright colours in this bowl?

ricefriedFried Rice Recipe

6 thoughts on “What’s on your plate? – Healthy Eating!

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I can’t watch the video, it said the webpage is not available, but I am excited that next term we are learning about healthy food. The picture really looks yummy. It’s nearly term 3. I CAN’T WAIT; at home it’s boring.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis

    This video has good information for adults and kids. It was really funny when the boy took a lot of pasta and put it on his plate. GeeEEEEE the girl is smart Hahaha. She knows that she needs one third carbohydrates, one third protein and one third salads and veggies.

    • Glad you enjoyed the video Roshan. So, did you practise putting food on your plate according to what they mentioned in the video?

  3. Hi Mrs Francis,

    It worked on my mum’s I phone and I watched the video; the boy shouldn’t have taken that much pasta. The plate was creative and tells you how much you should eat. See you next Monday Mrs Francis!

    • I’m glad it worked for you Samantha. Yes there were many bright colours on the plate weren’t there? I am glad you are looking forward to school. See you next week.

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