The Commonwealth Games Explained – 2014

The Commonwealth Games are due to begin in Glasgow, Scotland,

on the 23rd July, 2014 and will continue until the 3rd August 2014.

Watch this YouTube video for background information on what the Commonwealth Games are and why we hold

the Commonwealth Games.
I hope you enjoy this presentation.

It is quite a catchy tune!

11 thoughts on “The Commonwealth Games Explained – 2014

  1. Hi Mrs Francis
    I’m home from my vacation and I was wondering when we come back to school and if it’s on Monday, do we have sport? The song is very catchy and I did kind of learn a few things~ At the start I had no idea what the Commonwealth Games were all about,well now I do.

    • Hey, welcome back. I hope you had a great vacation. I’m glad you stopped by the blog. Yes school does commence on Monday, and yes you do have PE as usual. The timetable has also changed and you will have Italian first think in the morning, followed by PE. So you can wear your PE uniform on Monday. See you then!

  2. Hi Mrs Francis

    I think this video was enjoyable to watch and it gave you a lot of information. I think this song is very catchy too Kuroi

  3. Wow, amazing how songs can be so useful because I sure learnt a lot out of this. It’s fun how you listen to songs that have information because it’s much easier than looking through a book, because it takes longer to find the information but songs can be so fast that your answer will be finished in a tick!:)

    • Thanks for your comments Kimi. I’m glad you enjoyed the song and that you also learn something from the song.

  4. Hi Mrs. Francis. I think that this song is a creative rap song. I love it! Oh, and I need to tell you that when I logged on Ziptales correctly, it still said Safari cannot download or somtehing like that. 🙁

    • Ok we will have a look tomorrow Kelly. I’m glad you enjoyed the song and that you also learnt something.

  5. Hi Mrs Francis I know why Kelly’s does not work because Safari is for iPads but you can do it but you have to download flash adobe player

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