Congratulations Kyle

for completing your first Voki assignment.

This has earned you a place in our

‘VOKI Story of the Week’ 

blog post feature.

Each week we will add a student story to our blog post

‘Voki Story of the Week’.

So, remember, be imaginative, and

create stories that we can share with the world.

Remember that these stories

will also be available on a Voki Page,

found in the Menu above.

7 thoughts on “VOKI STORY OF THE WEEK

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Kyle, your story was very interesting! It’s short and simple, which is better. I think you did a great job and you deserved the Story of the Week.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,

    Congratulations to Kyle, I really liked your story. Everyone’s voki was good! My favourite speaker is Samantha.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis, using Voki is fun. It is creative and good for my grammar and punctuation.
    I like Kyle’s Voki story, it was nice.
    Thanks for putting it in our blog; it helps.

  4. Hello Mrs Francis,
    I enjoyed using Voki. It is great for lots of things. I can use it if I don’t want to present something with a speech when I can use Voki to do the job.
    I like how Kyle presented his story. It was interesting.
    Thank You

  5. Thanks Tracey, a very detailed Lexile review of an interesting novel. Thank you. I will get onto Lexile and register that for you.

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