Coach Approach at our School


Another busy and exciting day at our school for the 5/6 students.

Today we took part in four fun activities

which took up all of the morning.

We were divided into four groups and

we rotated between each activity every half hour.

The activities included –


Everyone had a wonderful time and it gave us

the opportunity of trying out some new sports.

4 thoughts on “Coach Approach at our School

    • Hi Kevin, We were all worried about you yesterday. We hope you are alright and that your are recovering. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss too much. There are tests set on Mathletics, which if you feel up to it you can do, otherwise hopefully you will be back on Monday. Don’t forget you have Italian and PE first think on Monday. We also have a busy week with it being Healthy Living week. Rest up and see you soon.

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