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at our school.

Our Integrated Studies topics Healthy Living, Healthy People and Commonwealth Games have allowed us participate in many new and exciting activities.

As you can see from previous posts we have already completed many interesting activities on healthy eating, including dental and oral hygiene.

Today was no exception!

We had a fun afternoon playing five different “MINUTE TO WIN IT” games. We learnt that although some of the games looked easy, it wasn’t until we really tried them, that we discovered they were really quite difficult, and almost impossible! We also learnt about group co-operative skills, and that just playing games can help our fitness whilst having fun at the same time!

The rotation activities included, rolling marbles down a table, rolling a ping pong ball down a tape measure into a glass, maintaining a feather in the air without touching it, bouncing pencils into a cup and blowing a deck of cards off the top of a glass!

We hope you enjoy watching our short video!


  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I really enjoyed the healthy lunch that we had today. It was sad to see people feeling “sick” because they weren’t used to eating the vegetables and the salads.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,

    We enjoyed playing minute to win it! It was fun and we got to know the people from next door. The games were challenging because most of the games were almost impossible.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis
    The Minute to win it was fun and everybody enjoyed it. We also got to meet other people from next door. I also thought the games were very creative.

  4. That was an awesome game Mrs Francis! I found it was great fun playing the mini-game where we had to keep the feather in the air!! I wish we can play it again. 😉

  5. When I did minute to win it I was excited. The hardest game was the feather blowing game and the easiest was the marble game.

  6. Hi Mrs. Francis! I loved playing those mini-games! I liked the mini-game where the marble had to stick on the sticky tape. I hope we can play it again some time.

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Minute to Win was a great fun and an interesting experience. It tested our patience and skills to make it possible in one minute. Overall we really did enjoy this experience and how it really tested our patience!

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,
    We enjoyed our afternoon ‘Minute to Win It’! It was fun and enjoyable for our afternoon. We learnt how to co-operate with the people in the two classes. We had to rotate to the activities and each person had a minute to complete these activities. We thought that bouncing the pencil in the cups was really complicated but some people managed to do it.
    Thank you for the activities that you have provided to both classes!

  9. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Minute to win it was really fun. The activities where set up really well. I like the card activity because it was really challenging and our group didn’t succeed but I still enjoyed it.

  10. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The minute to win it game was lots of fun and enjoyment. We were all excited to play it. Samantha’s favourite game was blowing cards and Shenell’s favourite game was marbles.

  11. Dear Mrs Francis,

    We enjoyed the wraps that we ate today. It showed us that everyone can be healthy just by what they eat. Inside the wrap we had a choice of: Sauce: Tzatziki and Hommus, Protein: Ham, Dairy: Cheese, Vegetables: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Carrots, Beetroot and Cucumbers. It was so delicious that Kyle had 3 Wraps!

    • Thank you everyone for your comments. It was a great afternoon playing the games. I know you all had a lot of fun. Also, today was great. Everyone enjoyed making their healthy wrap and it was wonderful to see everyone enjoying their food, and even trying new foods which they had never tasted before. Also, get ready for our mini Commonwealth games on Friday to end this Healthy Choices week. Hopefully we will be able to cook again very soon.

  12. Hi Mrs Francis,

    When I saw minute to win it I thought it was very easy, but when we started playing it was difficult. The hardest game for me was the feather blowing, the easiest game for me was the marble game. It was a lot of fun.
    When we ate healthy food it tasted yummy.

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The activity we did was so much fun. My favourite activity was blowing a feather to the air without it falling down. I did it for about 30 seconds. It was hard. It was enjoyable.

  14. Hello Mrs Francis. Those Voki things look very cool and also they look like they’re real if you put your mind to it. But the best thing was that you did a minute to win it and I watched that. I like this blog and all its things. Thank you for making it.
    From B

    • You’re welcome B. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed listening to the Voki stories. Keep stopping by because we keep adding many interesting items.

  15. Hello Mrs Francis today I feel Like saying that your wraps were very yummerifc. But anyway back on topic, I just feel like your food was delicious and yum.=3

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