Another exciting day today.

Continuing our Healthy Choices Week,

 we made our own healthy wraps.

Some people enjoyed them so much that they went back for seconds, and some even went back for thirds!!

Have a look at what we made.


  1. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Yesterday was really fun and the foods were delicious but I didn’t eat all of it sadly 🙁
    But I ate a lot of apples 😀
    The embarrasing part was when we had to brush our teeth at school in a classroom!

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Yesterday was a good day yeah? It was so yummy I wanted more! After the meal I was still hungry. We brushed our teeth, the tooth paste tasted yuck! It was a great day!

  3. Hi Mrs Francis
    Yesterday’s food was delicious and healthy and it only cost $1.00 per person! It was also good how everything we had was fresh and natural. The fillings I put in my wrap were cheese, lettuce, tomato, ham and cucumbers. It was really healthy and I want to do something again.

  4. Hi Mrs Francis
    I thought this slide show was awesome. I did not know how little it would cost to eat something healthy like this and it was not even hard to make it. And the wraps were delicious

  5. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The wraps that teachers made for us was good and really healthy and also had all the food groups that we need to have in a day. Thank you for the great wraps.

  6. Hi Mrs.Francis,
    The healthy and yummy salad roll was really nice.I LOVE THE FRUITS they were delicious.It was fun to brush our teeth at school!!!!!!! I wish we can do this everyday!!!!!

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Having this whole selection of healthy food was actually a lot cheaper than I expected and for each person the cost was like one dollar! The food also looked really appetizing! Eating it on a pita bread was actually quite a good idea because then if you don’t like veggies then you can think of the bread instead of the veggies (but I didn’t have any problems). Also the tzatziki was in fact a very nice way to top off the healthy roll that we all had!

  8. I know Mrs Francis! I found the slide very interesting, I love vegetables and fruit the most! I’ve been trying my best to be healthy this year but sometimes I can’t control myself so I sort of go off the path and eat snacks and stuff like that!!

  9. Hi Mrs Francis
    I couldn’t say that I enjoyed it that much but it was still fun. I’m not used to eating foods like that since we eat asian foods at my house. I did enjoy having the fruit especially the orange~~ Having the bread, ham, dip, lettuce and carrot was nice but I had a stomach ache after and I don’t think I would like to do that again 🙁

    Have a good day~

  10. Hi Mrs Francis!

    Yesterday was a great day to try out new healthy foods. The pita bread was really tasty with the spread, ham and cheese. I wasn’t used to eating the carrot and beetroot though. The lettuce was fine to eat and didn’t bother me at all. It was really full at the end but when the fruit came out, I couldn’t help but start eating the oranges. I ate around 6 slices. The friut was really sweet and yummy. I hope we can do it again…….except with cooked food~~~


  11. Hi Mrs.Franis
    The healthy choices week was really fun because you get to eat a lot of fruits or veggies. And the wrap was actully YUMMY!! I wish we could do it again 🙂

  12. Hi Mrs Francis

    Yeterday’s food was delicious and healthy and it only cost $1.00 per person! It was also good how everything we has was fresh and natural. The things in the wrapping were cheese, lettuce, tomato, ham and cucumbers. It was really healthy and I want to do something like that again.

  13. Hello Mrs Francis
    Yesterday when we ate the wrap it was delicious, but not that delicious, then when I saw the bananas I ate like 15 pieces of it. After that I was so full but when we had to brush our teeth it was weird, but it was still awesome because brushing your teeth is AWESOME

  14. Wow!
    That is so cheap, but that gives anyone a super blast for a day. It is so healthy and cheap what else do you want for a meal.

  15. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Wow! I never knew that eating healthy would have been cheaper! That wrap was OK but I liked the bread which was a carbohydrate! I will try to eat healthier and so it won’t cost too much money.

  16. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The wraps were great. I didn’t know I had one for less than “$1.00” tasting as great as a $5 wrap. It was healthy which fits in with our integrated studies topic: Healthy Eating. It demonstated that we should keep a balance of healthy and unhealthy food. I am planning to eat more vegetables and stay healthy!

  17. Hello Mrs Francis,
    When I was eating the wrap it tasted delicious. When I finished the wrap I was hungry for more. But when I saw the slide show I didn’t know that it all only cost around $50, I was very shocked. But it tasted so yummy.

  18. Yesterday when we ate our healthy Salad Wrap, at first it did’t taste that good but in the end it tasted great.

  19. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Yesterday was the most yummiest day, I have had. I ate bread, lettuce, tomato, tzatziki and ham. I enjoyed these foods, it was great. My non favourite one is grated beetroot. It is not delicious. 🙂

  20. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The salad wrap was yummy with the toppings to go with the beautiful, fresh pita bread. On my table the other students didn’t really like some of the things that they put in their wrap. The fruits were delicious. The wrap made most of the students having to eat their lunch after play because they were so full.

  21. I cannot believe that all that healthy food fed 54 people and that it actually cost $50 only! Well, that makes a big difference to junk food! A big difference actually!

  22. Dear Mrs Francis
    The food was great because it all tasted good, delicious and great. I took ham, bread, carrots, cheese and lettuce.

  23. Hi Mrs Francis
    I really liked the wraps. The thing I liked the most was the betroot, the cucumber and the bread. Thank you Mrs Francis.

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