Visual Literacy: ‘Lighthouse’ (Animation) – Charlie Short & Ming Hsiung

Recently, we have been spending some time concentrating

on our comprehension and our writing.

This week we have been learning about Cause and Effect and Predicting, just two of our comprehension strategies. To help us, we watched a beautiful short film by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung, called Lighthouse. This short movie, Lighthouse, was full of many events centered around Cause and Effect, as well as Predicting. 

When we finished watching, we discussed the movie, including the type of music and the lighting used. We then wrote words for the movie, and created our own short story picture books.

We really enjoyed the short movie clip. This short movie was about many things, especially about responsibility, and what it means to do the right thing. The lighthouse keeper was responsible for keeping the lighthouse operating. He was responsible for the safety of the passing ships.  He is devastated when things don’t go to plan. The Lighthouse is also a short movie about ‘pitching in’ and helping others. It is all about what can be achieved when everyone helps out.

We hope you enjoy watching the movie, and reading our short stories about the Lighthouse.

Congratulations to Shayla, Aaron and Christian for having their illustrated short stories published on the blog!

REMEMBER: The movie is included in the PowerPoint below.

What did you like the most about the movie?

How did the music add to the suspense?

How did the facial expressions of the lighthouse keeper

tell you what was going to happen?

Were you able to predict what was going to happen,

before you watched the entire movie?

How many different causes did you spot in the movie,

and what were the effects?

Write back and tell me what you thought.

We invite you to read our stories, and welcome your comments. 

24 thoughts on “Visual Literacy: ‘Lighthouse’ (Animation) – Charlie Short & Ming Hsiung

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The part I like was when everyone was holding a light the most. The music suited what was happening. There was going to be trouble; no I couldn’t predict what was happening next. The causes were light was gone and the ship was heading to the lighthouse.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis. The lighthouse stories look awesome and cool. But it was a bit longer to read than expected, but still cool.

  3. I really enjoyed the lesson about visual literacy. The best thing about The lighthouse movie for me is how the town came together to help the lighthouse keeper. The music really added to the setting of the movie and some of the suspense. Thank you for the great lesson Mrs Francis.

  4. Nya~ Mrs. Francis,
    I thought that the video was really interesting and suspenseful. The music was really cool and dramatic. The facial expressions added to the plot and made you feel the emotion. To be really honest, I could predict the ending and some of the events. I think there were 8 cause and effects like the chair being in the way and the lighthouse keeper tripping over.

  5. Dear Mrs Francis
    The lighthouse was scary because of all the scary music. Even though I had watched it already it was still scary. But after a while, it was not scary. Thanks Mrs Francis.

  6. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The Lighthouse was a good short movie. It showed a lot of cause and effect. Even though it had no words, it had a lot of actions. The writing was very descriptive. This was one of my best writing pieces I have probably ever done.

    • Thanks for your comments Jordan and Jason. I am happy that you enjoyed the piece of writing. We have some very dramatic and excellent short stories to now add to our library.

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The Lighthouse was a great short movie scene. The Villagers were smart, because they know what to do when the lighthouse beacon shuts down.
    The lighthouse booklet we made was fun too. 🙂

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,

    After I watched the animation movie above, what I liked most was the animation of when the glass beacon broke. The music made me feel like I was there, in the actual setting. When I saw the lighthouse keeper’s emotion, I felt like I knew what was going to happen. At first I could predict what happened but at the end it was harder to predict. One of the causes was when the lighthouse keeper dropped the beacon and it broke into many small pieces.

  9. Hi Mrs Francis,
    What I like most about the film would be at the end when all the lanterns lit up the light house. The music is very dramatic which made it suspenseful. His expressions gave it a story line and we could understand how he was feeling. I was not able to predict what happened in the end but I did know that there was going to be a happy ending because there always is. Around five only, like when he tripped over the chair when the light went off.
    Have a nice day~~

  10. Hi Mrs francis
    The slideshow was awesome. People’s stories were great and exciting. It was a fun activity writing the short story. The video was great as well .

  11. When I watched the video I really liked it but the problem is that the people didn’t talk so I didn’t really like it but I did like doing the story writing. It was awesome!=][=

  12. I like writing stories because I like to use my imagination! And writing ‘ the light house ‘ is a great exercise for my brain to get imagining and also it is a good finger exercise ! 😉

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,

    The video movie really helped with writing my short story. The sound and other effects went really good with the clip. I hope we do it again.

  14. Hi, Mrs Francis

    I really enjoyed writing The lighthouse. I think we should do something like that again. I thought it was really creative.

  15. Hi Mrs Francis,
    This was one interesting video. This was really hard to predict what is going to happen next. Nearly every guess I had was wrong. This video makes people think a lot about what is going to happen next. I loved this video. =D

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