Google Car and Re-positional Potholes!

Look at this photo.


What do you think it is showing? 

Do you think these are huge potholes in the road?

Do you think this might be a dangerous road for cars to drive on?

Could cars be damaged if they hit this pothole?

Now, have a look at the next photo:


Did you work it out?

Yes, they are re-positional potholes!

Why do you think the traffic authorities

would want to use these on a highway?

Now, think about what problems these re-positional potholes might solve.

Could they actually create more problems on the road?

Now watch these short videos on the Google car:

Now, think about what problems the Google car might solve.

Could the Google car actually create more problems on the road?

Write back and tell me what you think?

Try to convince your readers about how

either of these two new innovations could resolve some traffic problems,

or perhaps even create more!

34 thoughts on “Google Car and Re-positional Potholes!

  1. A google car can be good or bad. The good things are how it can help people to drive if they are disabled. The bad things are that the car might be involved in an accident. Technology may help you or destroy you.

  2. The Google car is pretty awesome you got to admit. I think the Google car will change people’s life like old people who can’t drive and have to get somewhere. It will also help blind people because they can’t see the road. The Google car might cause problems because technology might not always work.

  3. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The Google car might not create problems on the road because it has a lot of technology and loads of developers making the Google car work better. The Google car might solve the problem that old people can drive because the Google car will drive by itself, but needs to know where you are and where the environment is.

  4. Hi,Mrs Francis
    Technology makes life so much easier. But technology isn’t perfect. The google car has lots of advantages. So if people get drunk they can easily get home without crashing; it could also help blind people go somewhere easier. But like I said technology can’t be perfect. What if the car crashes into another car or a pedestrian? You can’t sue the car but the the person in the car didn’t put their hands on the steering wheel either. Also I would like to ask would you need a licence if you had a Google car?

  5. Technology is good but it can bring advantages and disadvantages. A self-driving Google car can solve problems for blind people, because a self-driving car drives itself. Sometimes it can cause problems if the Google car is having problems, it might not see what is ahead and then it crashes. I think this might create more problems.

  6. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The google car might solve some problems for blind people, for example, or disabled people because they can have some freedom, and know how it feels to drive. It is very useful because blind people can go anywhere if they have this car. It can sometimes cause damage, though, if the technology doesn’t work properly. It could create problems. The Google car is incredible. You don’t need to control the car and you don’t need to move and steer the wheel. The Google car is the best car for blind people.

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I think that the Google Car is a great idea for elderly people but there are many disadvantages like when there is a car crash the person who bought the car is responsible so that person has to call someone to repair the car. When you ride in the Google car you can relax and don’t need to steer the car. I believe that the Google car is useful because the car senses if there are any traffic problems and you can do stuff with two hands.

  8. Nya~ Mrs. Francis,
    Technology is such a wonderful thing. It brings smiles to people who thought they were disabled forever. Although it is awesome, technology also has its downfalls. Technology can break down or fail sometimes. If technology failed at a vital point then what will happen to the people using the technology? Also with the fake potholes, its idea had good intentions but reality was cruel. The potholes would cause even more problems than what they would solve.

  9. The Google car can help people because it can do things you cannot do and take you to places you cannot go. If you are disabled in some way, you can just say where you want to go and it will take you to your destination. But you can’t always rely on technology because it is not always accurate, maybe some day it won’t work, what will you do then???

  10. All inventions have disadvantages and advantages, like the Google car. One good thing about the Google car is that it drives by itself, so drunk drivers and disabled people do not have to get fined easily. There are also some bad things about the Gooogle car. What will happen if the car had a problem? The Google car also has lots more problems. People will not care to learn how to read a map if they have a Google car because the car will do the job. To conclude, I believe that the Google car will create more chaos.

  11. Technology can be useful but when it gets old, it might not work anymore so it might make the ‘ Google Car ‘ crash. This is why I disagree with having the ‘Google Car’in our world. The reason is that I want to keep the people inside the car, mostly when they’re blind, and the people outside safe!!
    Also a good reason to have the Google car is because blind people can use it because they would not need to wait for someone to come and pick them up to go shopping or wherever they want to go. This is why Google car is useful to some people !!

  12. Google car is a car which uses solar power. These cars could mostly be used for disabled and blind people. Google car is very useful but at the same time it is not. For example, if a blind person is in the car and there was some technology problems then it would be very dangerous for the passenger. We are very young children and the future is already here; our world has been taken over by technology that can have some bad effects, like for example, people losing their jobs and becoming poor.
    Sooner or later parents can’t afford to pay for their child’s education. Parents I know want the best future for their child.
    What about the police in the future? Would they be gone; would robots have the job that might kill dozens of people.

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Technology gives us happiness; without it we wouldn’t be able to do so many things we can do know. But technology comes with advantages and disadvantages, unfortunately.
    For example, the new Google car, it can auto drive so it is much easier to go to different places, especially for people who are disabled. The Google car can sense accidents so maybe it will cause less accidents. But when you are in a google car you could get very lazy and even forget to drive! what if the power inside the car goes haywire, what will you do?
    So in the end all technology can have ups and downs. Do you think technology is going too fast? What do you think?
    Have a nice day~~~

    • Thanks for your constructive comments Kuroi. Maybe in some respects the developments in technology are going too fast, and we can’t keep up with them. Obviously, there are always going to be pros and cons to every invention. Sadly, that’s the way of the world. What advantages on, may disadvantage others.

  14. Ok first things first this car can drive all by itself and also park itself( even thought there’s already a car for that). But this car is very special because you can voice activate it too.(I think) but anyway back on topic. The google car is so very cool because you can always choose a better car, of which there are none. But then again I never said that it didn’t have its ups and downs. It’s not really good in a jungle so it’s not all terrain(well it can drive on grass and sand is that good?) but the car is good but even if you did get it how much money would it cost you( I mean it’s a car that drives itself literally) But the choice is yours young grasshoppers so choose very wisely for there may be a different and even better car in the future. Plus it is taking us too early into the future so choose wisely.(sorry I put more bad points than good points but the good side is filled with tons more than you could carry)

  15. Technology has some advantages and disadvantages. The google car can solve some problems for people, like for example, parents can spend more time with their kids and help people who can’t go to some places or help people who have lost part of their sight. The google car drives itself so parents and partly blind people can have some free time and go to places that they can’t go. Google car can create some problems as well if something goes wrong with the system. If it goes wrong there will a lot more problems.

  16. Greetings Mrs Francis,
    In my opinion, this car may be less useful than we think because I think technology is passing too fast for our young lives.The Google car looks great but this car has lots of advantages and heaps of disadvantage for the world/community to use it.
    Firstly, the advantage is that people who are blind and disabled can use it and being able to go out to socialise with their friends and family. The disadvantage is that people can become lazy because they are doing nothing or not using their hands and being active. Also so it is made out of tecnology can be hard to start the engine during Winter. This can is very expensive these days so I’m not clearly sure if it’s good or not but who knows what will happen in the future.
    So thanks for reading this comment about my opinion. ^_^ $_$

  17. Hey Mrs Francis

    The Google car is really good for people who are blind or unable to drive. But on the other hand the Google car can also cause problems. What if you have an accident who will get the blame you or Google. The Google car is solar powered and what if the car does not get enough energy it might break down in the middle of the road. I think that the Google car is a good thing for us and a bad thing at the same time.

  18. Hi Mrs Francis
    The google car is a very helpful invention but I feel it will cause accidents and when it does, who’s to blame. You can’t blame the car and you can’t blame the person behind the wheel because he was not driving. But on the other hand it is very helpful for people who are disabled and blind because it gives them independance. So at the same time it is helpful for example for grandparents who want to see their grandchildren or if they want to socialise they can. That’s a wonderful thing about the car.

  19. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Technology these days are bringing more advantages and disadvatages to people. Google Car is a good way of helping people who are blind because Google Car is a self driving car and blind people are able to have a feel of what its like to drive. However, if there is a fault in the technology then it can cause problems on the roads and in some other places. That is why Google Car brings many smiles to people but then later that smile can change.

  20. Dear Mrs Francis

    A google car is a self-driving car which is new! The google car does not cause problems because it has sencors and gps so it is safe. The sensors which can detect when to drive, and when to stop, for example when there is a red light in the traffic, so it stops. These are my reasons.

  21. Hi Mrs Francis,
    There are a lot of advantages but there are still a few disadvantages. Start off with the advantages. The advantages are that there will be fewer accidents that will occur in this self driving car and it can also auto park for you, which is not very new but this feature is nowhere near about the other features. This car has a lot of working to do from what I see because there is a laser that spins around to detect other objects like cars, bikes and trucks. The laser is like a 360 camera that can avoid any problems. This epic car can see in to the future. A few more advantages are the aged and blind people can enjoy themselves in the car by themselves without needing to tell anyone to go with them and they also can eat without needing to worry that they are going to have an accident. Now the disadvantage is that there could be a technology that can lead to an accident that can cause someone to die. I am very trusting but sometimes we may have to be untrusting because you never know what is going to go wrong when you are in the car. This is a very expensive car that can cost around $150,000 because it has a lot of features that cost a lot and the effort they put into the care is a lot. This car should be recommended for those that have a disability and that have enough money to afford the car. I also think the technology is moving too quickly that what we are learning now will have no use for when we grow up. This is only based on my opinions.
    By: Boty

    • Well thank you for such a detailed comment. I can see where you are coming from. I guess as regards your future job, you will have to think outside the box. Well done for expressing your opinion.

  22. Is the Google Car helpful or not helpful??
    Every year, technology is made for people who have harder life at home. The Google Car is the new technology that helps disabled people such as: blind people, people who can’t use their arms or legs and old people who have trouble driving. The Google Car is an important and helpful car for people who are disabled, especially for people who are learning to drive.

    • Thanks Jason, but what about the google car for everyone else. Would it cause more problems, or solve some traffic problems?

  23. The Google car is a car using solar power. These cars would be mostly useful for disabled and blind people. The Google car is very useful but at the same time is not, for example, if a blind person is in a car and there was some technology problem then it would be very dangerous for the passenger.
    We are very young children and the future is already changing very quickly. Our world is being taken over by technology which can cause people to lose their jobs and becoming poor.
    Sooner or later parents can’t afford to pay for their child’s education. Parents I know want the best future for their child.
    Police in the future would be gone; robots have the job that kills dozen of people.

  24. Hi Mrs Francis
    The problems the google car will solve I think will be that blind people can take themselves shopping and the other problem is the car can drive itself. The problems I think it will make are that people will get lazy. The problem that I think the fake potholes will do are to create traffic jams and will scare people because they think the pothole is real.

  25. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I think that the Google Car will help people and will also create problems.
    The Google Car will help many people like disabled and blind people, but technology has its doubts with malfunctioning and going crazy. Technology like the Google Car will always have problems so the Google Car will eventually break down, malfunction or go crazy.
    The only question I have for Google is: Is there a refund if it will break down or malfunction?

    With the Re-positional potholes, I think that it won’t help the Canadian people to slow down due to the fact that you can identify real and fake potholes if you were there. I don’t know why they did that but they could have done an add, a banner, a sign, a speed bump or speed cameras. Even if you thought it was real, it would cause lots of incidents and have a higher death rate.

  26. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Technology is surely improving. The Google Car can help and cause some problems. It can help many people like those who are blind and disabled people. Google Car drives by itself, so there is no need to stress. But technology comes with disadvantages. It might just malfunction, leading to serious accidents. You can’t blame yourself, but the car. Also, since it drives by itself, how are you supposed to learn how to drive for your driving future. Is it helpful or could it be just some dangerous invention?
    The fake potholes are quite dangerous. Why fake potholes, when it can cause serious issues and a lot of complaints. It won’t do what it is supposed to do. I think that idea is not something I would want to have on the streets.

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