Congratulations to

Linh, Joanna, Christian and Robert

Your stories have made it to

Voki Story of the Week!

We hope you enjoy listening to

Linh, Joanna, Christian and Robert’s short stories.

Again, please wait for the Voki to load, since it may be slow

19 thoughts on “VOKI STORY OF THE WEEK

  1. Greetings Mrs. Francis,
    These stories are really good, even if we couldn’t hear the 2 on the left. I’m sure that they were great even if I haven’t heard them yet.

  2. Ohayo (good morning) Mrs Francis,
    Everybody’s stories are great and they deserve to be on the blog. Great work everybody.

    • Ohayo Mrs Francis,
      Sorry about the comment before I accidentally did my email wrong. Great work everybody, you deserved to be on Voki Story Of The Week.

  3. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The stories Linh, Joanna, Christian and Robert typed on VOKI were interesting. I liked their plot and how they wrote it. I hope they can write more great stories.

  4. Hi Linh, Robert, Christian and Joanna
    Your stories are great. The stories you wrote were creative!! You guys could be the best authors.

  5. Dear mrs Francis

    The stories on the left don’t work but the stories on the right worked so i look forward to fixing the left and the right were good stories.

  6. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I’m so happy that I have won one of the Voki story of the week! I tried so hard to get this award! I would also like to congratulate the other winnners as well 😀

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The Voki stories were very interesting! Especially Joanna’s because it left us wondering who it was. I really enjoyed listening to the voki stories.

  8. Congratulations to Linh, Joanna, Christian and Robert for your Voki stories of the week. The stories were very interesting to listen to.

  9. Hey Mrs Francis,
    All the other voki stories are great and I enjoyed everyone of them – great stories.
    Hope there are going to be more great stories next week.

  10. Hello Mrs Francis,
    I Just want to say to the candidates of the story of the week:
    Congratulations to Linh, Joanna, Christian and Robert for the effort that you put in writing these stories! Keep it up ,guys! ^_^ 🙂

  11. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The voki stories were really good. I really enjoyed Joanna, Linh, Cristian, and Robert’s stories.
    I hope there are more stories next week.

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