MIA Animation Film: ‘The Catch’. Directors: Scott McWhinnie and Josh Carroll

This story comes courtesy of MIA Animation, and we thank them for providing this excellent short movie to help us with our Visual Literacy and Creative Writing. ‘The Catch’ is a senior year project directed by Scott McWhinnie and Josh Carroll from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota. “The Catch” is about a young fisherman’s encounter with a fox that leads to an unexpected journey of discovery. It is a journey of discovery which leads to the young fisherman being able to hold his head up high….

We hope you enjoy watching this short film.

8 thoughts on “MIA Animation Film: ‘The Catch’. Directors: Scott McWhinnie and Josh Carroll

  1. hehehey Mrs francis
    Today for my comment I want to talk about that short video which we watched. It’s got a bunch of meaning you know. Its cool.=3#awesome

  2. Hi Mrs Francis. I think the short film was amusing. While I was watching the film, I kept on wondering what would happen next. I hope we are able to do more short films. You should believe me: THEY ARE A LOT OF FUN!

    • I am happy that you really enjoyed the Catch short movie. I think that it has helped people with their writing. We will certainly do more in the future.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis.
    The animation was interesting especially when suddenly there was a big fish and when the fox was a spirit!

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really enjoyed watching the short video and the fox was SOOO CUTE, it reminded me of my dog that I had a long time ago. I was so shocked at the end, because I didn’t know that it would end that way, but I’m not telling any Spoilers.

  5. Hell o Mrs francis and today you really outdid yourself on this one because the animation in this was a bit advance but it was still okay but I think I could do better in my department. I could make it a bit more realistic like harry potter but anyways still good you know.(but a ton of good quality of animation and graphics.) So I wish one day I could meet your class in person not that I want to be creepy. And also thxs cheers(* ˘⌣˘)◞[_]♥[_]ヽ(•‿• )

    • Thanks for your comments and for stopping by. We are getting better at exploring different avenues to help us with our writing. I am glad you are enjoying what we offer on our class blog.

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