Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

Hi everyone
Continuing our topic of healthy eating, one of our teachers has brought this YouTube video to our attention.
Watch the video and see what really happens.
Did you know that this happened to our fruits and vegetables?
Are you aware of the amount of food that is wasted because some fruit and vegetables have imperfections?
What do you think? Would you buy fruit and vegetables if they were cheaper, but had some imperfections? I would love to hear what you think. Write back and tell me.

22 thoughts on “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Annyeong Mrs. Francis,
    It’s such a waste to see that supermakets are throwing out precious food just because it’s bruised or scratched. I would still buy food even if it was imperfect so then maybe I feed the cat that always visits me or throw it into the compost bin so that my plants can grow stronger. Besides, poor people are suffering a lot right now due to war so maybe supermarkets could change their attitude and donate…………

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I didn’t know they were doing such things, I would never waste such healthy vegetables and fruit (unless they are rotten). Just because they have a small imperfection doesn’t mean they can’t be edible. I would certainly buy a vegetable that has imperfections, if it is cheap that is. Such a waste of food, I can’t believe they would do such things.
    Well that’s my opinion.
    Have a nice day~~

  3. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Even if the vegetables or fruits are ugly, can’t people still eat them as they are still good fruits or vegetables which are still healthy for our bodies.

    • I think so Aaron. As long as they are not rotten and still quite fresh, they are still good for you, no matter what they look like.

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    These Inglorious fruits and vegetables are ridiculously hideous! I would buy these fruits and vegetables, I don’t really care about the outside. It’s like you’re judging a book by its cover. I only care about the taste and how cheap it is 😀

  5. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Even though they look ugly or mutant, people can still eat them because they are as nutritious and healthy as the other ordinary fruits.

  6. Hi,
    I know I’m commenting again but this time it’s different. The fruits look weird but that’s okay considering the fact that it’s the same thing as normal looking fruits and veggies. I would still buy them for sure, it’s fun trying to see what they are like~~

  7. Hi Mrs.Francis,
    I’ve learnt a lot from this video even if it is really disgusting; at the same time I feel like these innocent people have been fooled into buying those imperfect fruits just because of the price. Maybe the people haven’t though properly about how these fruits that look so bad can at the same time taste yummy. If they took the time to think maybe they added sugar, and more things to make these fruits delicious. I can’t believe that these people buy food that is terrifying, just because of the price. I hope they don’t start making more to cover Australia and take it away from OUR precious fruits!

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Wow that worked out well for people. By the look of it I don’t want to eat it! I don’t know what happened to them. Yes I am aware because once I saw some green food that was raw outside. What does the word imperfections mean?

    • I guess imperfect means it does not look exactly the way we are used to seeing the shape of each fruit and vegetable. They don’t grow the way they should. But the taste is not affected by the look of the fruit or vegetable.

  9. Hi Mrs Francis,
    It is certainly not good for supermarkets to just throw out food when they only have imperfections. I think everyone should know what they are doing and think about it, so they will not waste as much as before.

  10. Hi Mrs Francis
    It is so weird to know that big supermarket giants throw food away because it is weird looking. The food it still perfectly fine for us to eat; it is just a waste of food.

  11. Dear Francis
    I would eat these imperfect fruits and vegetables, even if they were imperfect, but I would eat more of the perfect ones. Is the imperfect one healthier than the perfect one? I wonder how it tastes.

    • I don’t think the taste is affected by the look of the fruit and vegetables Vincent. They all taste the same. I guess we have all been conditioned to look for the “perfect” fruit and vegetables, otherwise we refuse to buy them.

  12. Hi Mrs.Francis
    The vegetables were so weird and cool at the same time but you could still eat them. My favourite fruit was the carrot, even though it looked weird but I still like it. :]

  13. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I never knew fruits and vegetables are wasted for their looks. They shouldn’t waste it, if they never tried it themselves. It looks weird and it still is healthy, but not if they are rotten and old. The people from France have demonstrated it properly.

  14. Hello Mrs Francis,
    The fruit and vegetables in France were kind of ‘messed u’. But it is still healthy and cheap. How is it healthy when it still malformed?

    • I guess Jason, all we see in the shops are fruits which have passed inspection and that are almost’perfect’. There are from time to time fruits that don’t quite pass the perfect test. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste any good. It’s all about the way the fruit looks.

  15. Greetings,
    😮 Oh these look hideous and disgusting to me. I would not buy it or eat it. But others would taste it and buy it because it’s cheap but I WOULD TOTALLY NOT buy it or taste it no matter what! I just think it looks hideous because the chemical which has been in the veggie or fruit might have ruined the actual taste of the actual fruit but YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHY IT’S LIKE THAT!

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