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Today we had the privilege of going to the Melbourne Museum. Our librarian organised our excursion as part of our Book Week activities. We were able to take the i-pads to capture our journey. The purpose of our journey was to learn about Australian History, so the First People’s exhibit was perfect. Here we learnt about Indigenous Australians – their history, customs, culture and artwork! We were so excited. From there we moved to the Forest Gallery, where we saw nature at its very best, viewing many small bugs, insects and birds in their natural habitat. Our next stop was the Science and Life gallery where we viewed dinosaurs, bugs, underwater creatures and animals in the wild.  This was very interesting and certainly captured our imagination. We also saw the Dynamic Earth exhibit. We put on our 3-D glasses and were transported to a land of earthquakes and underwater eruptions. We really enjoyed this exhibit. Our final stop was the Melbourne Story gallery. Here we were able to relive the history of Melbourne, and it brought back much of what we had studied in Term One. It was an enjoyable and very educational day.

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What do you think? What was the best part of today’s excursion?

What were two new things you discovered today?

Write back and tell me. I would love to hear your thoughts.

25 thoughts on “Melbourne Museum – Excursion

  1. The Melbourne museum excursion was really a lot of fun. I enjoyed it, but mostly the spiders and the dinosaurs. I learnt that when there was nothing on earth, there was hot lava.

  2. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Yesterday we went to the Melbourne Museum! The sculptures and information about those things are stunning :O
    But the sad thing was that some people were feeling a bit sick, but that’s OK because at least we had so much fun! The scariest part for me was when it said that there was a live tarantula under the information board. When I turned on the light to see it, the tarantula was in front of the glass!

  3. Hi Mrs. Francis. Anyway, I think that the excursion was amazing! The excursion has just proven that we were responsible for the IPads so next time, if we go on another excursion, we might be able to use them again.

  4. The best part of the excursion is when we got to use the iPad to take photos. I learnt that the megalodon shark was an extinct species.

  5. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The best part was watching the stories of the first people; the light was amazing. Two things I discovered was the story of first peoples and that squids eat whales.

  6. Hello Mrs Francis. I just want to say to you thanks for that once in a life time opportunity of using IPADS…and going to the museum too; that was fun. Most of my favourite things were there and that’s awesome, but I really liked the story about the eagle. That was so cool. But I could easily spot the wire when I walked in because in my peripheral vision I saw it out of the corner of my eye. So thanks for the trip. But I’m still sad about how we missed the ducks and how they were filled. TT-TT

  7. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I liked going to the Melbourne Museum because we were allowed to take pictures and videos on the way. I would like to thank the librarian of our school for letting us go to Melbourne Museum.

  8. Dear Mrs Francis
    I really enjoy using the Ipad with my partner Christine, we took many pictures. I learned that Spiders don’t eat you; they’re only protecting themselves, which won’t kill the humans. All the spiders in the movies are not real; they are made out of plastic. Spiders can’t be as big as what you seen in movies!! I think I read the information quite well. I’m not scared of spiders, in fact I might help them get out.
    The excursion to the Melbourne museum was great and also I wish that every excursion we have includes IPADS!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dear Mrs Francis
    The museum was tiring because of all the walking. But the dinosaurs and the animals were amazing and some were even real. The best part was the 3D place even though I had no 3D glasses, it still looked amazing.

  10. Hi Mrs.Francis
    The Melbourne museum was awesome and especially the 3D movie; it was cool. I actually felt like I was there. It was amazing and the aquarium was my favourite. There were lots of things to see. I hope we go again soon or later. I hope everyone enjoyed it. :]

  11. Hey Mrs Francis
    I liked going to the Museum it was awesome and gross at the same time; the best place I liked to go to is the bug house because it’s scary and and I liked it and if there was no traffic we could keep going but there was a traffic jam so there was less time. The best thing I like is using the Ipads; it was cooooooooool.

  12. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The Melbourne Museum was amazing and interesting. I saw the dinosaur’s skeleton, how the earth looks like 590000000 years ago and seeing the eels. Everything was awesome. My favourite was seeing the animals and how they do things in their life and seeing aboriginal things

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think the excursion was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Being able to look at so many different historical things made it even more fun, plus we were able to learn about the things we looked at. My favourite part would be when we put on the 3d glasses and went to see all the volcanos erupting. I hope we are able to go on an excursion like that once more.
    Have a nice day~~

  14. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The excursion was really fun and interesting. I especially liked the Forest Gallery and the nature itself because I was able to see many animals and some plants that I didn’t known or hadn’t seen in real life. I hope next year we can do it again.

  15. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The excursion was indeed a lot of fun. One of the exhibits that I enjoyed was the rocks and minerals. They were fascinating and the way that they were arranged really captured the eye. Going in to watch how the Earth was formed was very interesting. It helped us understand how the earth was created through an experience of 3-D. Overall I really did enjoy the excursion and being able to capture my journey through the museum with the I-pads was fantastic.

  16. Annyeong Mrs. Francis,
    The excursion to the Melbourne Museum was really cool and exciting. We learnt so much more stuff then we had learnt before. It was really awesome to see the 3D movie. The erupting volcanoes and underwater explosions were really cool. What I liked the best was the lava scene though. I hope that one day, we can go on another excursion like this and see more finished 3D products.

  17. Hi, Mrs Francis
    The trip to the museum was really fun! I learnt a lot of things. My favorite part was when we saw the dynamic earth exhibit with the 3D glasses on. The first exhibit was about aboriginals and their indigenous culture. We then went to see the forest exhibit. It was really cool! We saw a huntsman spider and a bull ant in a log. After that we went to the Dinosaur exhibit. A man talked about the bones of the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were massive.

  18. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The Melbourne Museum excursion was fun. The best part would probably be when we saw the animals. They look so alive and realistic too. The two things I discovered were that animal DNA uses letters and that stick insects actually look really like a stick. I also liked using the i-pads with Kyle.

  19. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The excursion to the museum was interesting because we were allowed to use the Ipad’s to take pictures and find information. I like the part when we watched the 3D video clip. I learnt that the stick insect has many forms. I also learnt that the earth used to be lava and molten.

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