The Science of Addictive Food – Look at your food labels!

I know you will find this video quite fascinating.

Did you know that there is actually a science

which goes behind the preparation of packaged foods?

Do you agree with what was said in the video

about how packaged food makes you feel when you eat it?

When was the last time you ate processed, packaged food?

How can you make better, more informed choices

about what goes in your mouth?

How you can substitute ” fatty, sugary salty, addictive packaged foods

“for healthy, fresh, non-addictive foods that are in fact good for you?”

16 thoughts on “The Science of Addictive Food – Look at your food labels!

  1. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Now that I know what people put in our food I would always look for the numbers in brackets so at the Nutrition Facts of a packet. When I watched the video, it made me a little bit dizzy because it was shocking to see the things they put in our food!

  2. Hi Mrs.Francis
    After watching this video I have thought about not eating junk food again. The video was interesting I watched stuff that I never knew was in junk food.

  3. Hi Mrs, Francis
    This video was interesting. Next time we should see the food labels before we buy it shouldn’t we? The things people add to our food are hideous. I can’t believe I actually ate some of these foods.

  4. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I agree with the video because some people eat junk food non stop, they just eat and eat and eat. The last time I ate junk food was on Sunday the 31st of August. I can make it better by eating more healthy things and get used to it. What does substitute mean?But healthy food is better. When you are made sick by eating junk food you will realise it.

  5. Konichiwa Mrs Francis,
    The last I checked, I loved eating chips and if what they said was true, then that’s really frightening. I mean I do love my food, especially chips~ they ARE yummy but I don’t eat them often. I think it’s true that it gets addictive after you eat one and then want another one. But last time, my aunty bought healthy crackers? I think it’s half healthy but I’m not sure now…………….
    Oh well, Sayonara~

    • You know Eun, there are healthy alternatives, yes, even for chips, just check the labels. There are chips and other packaged foods that do not contain all the colors, preservatives and flavour enhancers. Just read the ingredients label. You would be surprised that there are always healthy alternatives which everyone can still enjoy.

  6. Ohayo Mrs Francis,
    People love eating junk food, but when they find out what’s inside of it they won’t be wanting to eat it anymore. Like when we were researching what was inside the food, it was really interesting, but the amazing fact was that some of us could have been eating sand…………..TT^TT
    Well I can’t wait to be able to do more research on what’s inside our packaged food.
    Have a great day~~ >~<

  7. Hey Mrs Francis
    This video has really opened up my mind about food additives and what we put into our mouths. Some of the additives we don’t even know what they are.

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,
    When I finished watching the video at the top I was shocked to learn that most packaged food has additives that make us like the food and buy it. I was also shocked that that the ingredients that people put in the food have bad chemicals.

  9. Hi Mrs Francis,
    It really is interesting to see what type of food we put into our mouths, The food chemicals that they are using to trigger the brain is indeed scary. Now if we ever eat our food I am so going to check the food label.

  10. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I actually believed what they said. It is very bad for you to eat packaged food because it has too many fats, sugars and salt. To avoid eating packaged food, try to eat non addictive, healthy and everyday food such as: Fruit and Vegetables etc.

  11. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The video was very interesting. I actually didn’t know about this so now I know about this. Thanks for showing us!

  12. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The video is telling the truth. People can survive without them, and all the company wants is money. It is bad to eat packaged food because it has a lot of fat and sugar, but just a little bit is better than a lot of it. I would prefer if people eat more healthy food over junk food.

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