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Healthy Eating on a Budget!

Today, we continued our healthy eating.

Our teachers showed us how easy it is to eat tasty, nutritious food

without breaking the budget!

Again, we fed 50 people for just over $50.00.

There was plenty of food and we all returned for seconds and thirds.

Some people even returned for fourths!!

This is what we ate today:

Firstly, pasta bolognese.

These are the ingredients:




The final product was delicious!

red-onions1download (1)herbs11554minced_meat

Pasta-Bolognese-291-300x200images (1)



The second meal we had was Fried Rice. It wasn’t just ordinary fried rice.

It contained so many ingredients.

It included rice, prawns, chicken, bacon, egg, spring onions, sausage, and broccoli.

These two meals included the three main food groups which make up a balanced plate:


We were very full after this meal.

These two meals were very easy to prepare.

They were filling, healthy and nutritious.

They were also not as expensive as one might think.


We learnt that it is cheaper and more nutritious to eat at home!

It isn’t that difficult to prepare healthy food!

Google Car and Re-positional Potholes!

Look at this photo.


What do you think it is showing? 

Do you think these are huge potholes in the road?

Do you think this might be a dangerous road for cars to drive on?

Could cars be damaged if they hit this pothole?

Now, have a look at the next photo:


Did you work it out?

Yes, they are re-positional potholes!

Why do you think the traffic authorities

would want to use these on a highway?

Now, think about what problems these re-positional potholes might solve.

Could they actually create more problems on the road?

Now watch these short videos on the Google car:

Now, think about what problems the Google car might solve.

Could the Google car actually create more problems on the road?

Write back and tell me what you think?

Try to convince your readers about how

either of these two new innovations could resolve some traffic problems,

or perhaps even create more!

Visual Literacy: ‘Lighthouse’ (Animation) – Charlie Short & Ming Hsiung

Recently, we have been spending some time concentrating

on our comprehension and our writing.

This week we have been learning about Cause and Effect and Predicting, just two of our comprehension strategies. To help us, we watched a beautiful short film by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung, called Lighthouse. This short movie, Lighthouse, was full of many events centered around Cause and Effect, as well as Predicting. 

When we finished watching, we discussed the movie, including the type of music and the lighting used. We then wrote words for the movie, and created our own short story picture books.

We really enjoyed the short movie clip. This short movie was about many things, especially about responsibility, and what it means to do the right thing. The lighthouse keeper was responsible for keeping the lighthouse operating. He was responsible for the safety of the passing ships.  He is devastated when things don’t go to plan. The Lighthouse is also a short movie about ‘pitching in’ and helping others. It is all about what can be achieved when everyone helps out.

We hope you enjoy watching the movie, and reading our short stories about the Lighthouse.

Congratulations to Shayla, Aaron and Christian for having their illustrated short stories published on the blog!

REMEMBER: The movie is included in the PowerPoint below.

What did you like the most about the movie?

How did the music add to the suspense?

How did the facial expressions of the lighthouse keeper

tell you what was going to happen?

Were you able to predict what was going to happen,

before you watched the entire movie?

How many different causes did you spot in the movie,

and what were the effects?

Write back and tell me what you thought.

We invite you to read our stories, and welcome your comments. 

VOKI STORY OF THE WEEK – Commonwealth Games

Congratulations to

Jessica, Kelly, Jordan and Daniel 

Your stories have made it to

Voki Story of the Week!

We hope you enjoy listening to

Jessica, Kelly, Jordan and Daniel’s short stories

about the Commonwealth Games.

Again, please wait for the Voki to load, since it may be slow!

Mini Commonwealth Games at our School

This week sees the end of our Healthy Choices Week.

As part of our activities, the 5/6 classes had to plan and run a mini Commonwealth Games afternoon for a Year level.

Our class had to plan and run games for the Prep children in our school.

We had eight groups of 5/6 students, each with about 10 Prep students.

We had the responsibility of designing the game, organizing it, testing it to see if it worked, gathering the equipment which we needed, and also running the game on the day.

We had four games and each group of 10 Preps rotated between each game, so everyone managed to have a go at each activity.

The four activities were:

1. Ice cream cone zig-zag, or ping pong ball and spoon race

2. Tunnel Ball

3. Bouncing Ball and through the Hoop race

4. Mini Hurdles with through the hoop twist.

This fun afternoon coincided with the Prep’s 100 days of school. The Preps really enjoyed the games!

We had also designed medals which we gave to each of the Preps. They had a great time and so did we!

The mini Commonwealth Games gave each of us an opportunity of stepping up and taking responsibility for someone in the Junior classes. It also fitted in with the SEL and Buddy program at our school.

Mini Commonwealth Games on PhotoPeach