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VOKI STORY OF THE WEEK – Aaron, Samantha, Kimi and Kevin

Congratulations to

Aaron, Samantha, Kimi and Kevin!

Your stories have made it to

Voki Story of the Week!

We hope you enjoy listening to

Aaron, Samantha, Kimi and Kevin’s short stories.

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VOKI STORY OF THE WEEK – Christine, Tommy, Vincent and Shenell

Congratulations to

Christine, Tommy, Vincent and Shenell!

Your stories have made it to

Voki Story of the Week!

We hope you enjoy listening to

Christine, Tommy, Vincent and Shenell’s short stories.

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Can you work out the answers to these problems?

Thanks to for providing such great resources.


Which car goes in which lane? Explain your reasoning.


Can you solve this card problem?

nrich maths problem solving

And now try solving the deca tree problem!  

It’s easier than you think! Give it a go.



The Scarecrow

Watch this short video.

What messages do you think it is sending the viewers?

Does it fit in with our healthy eating studies?

Have you ever stopped to think about the food we eat

and where it actually comes from?

How does the scarecrow feel and how do these feelings change

as he travels through the story?

How does this short video make you feel?

Does it make you more aware of what’s going on in the food industry?

Is this a persuasive advertisement for or against fast food?

Or is the video just as advertisement for a new food chain?

Traditional Dance from Cusco City – Peru – Cowboys

This is a very energetic dance and also very colourful.

It’s always great to watch other cultures and their traditional dances.

Hope you enjoy watching it.

Thanks to Marco Antonio for bringing it to our attention.

And here is another traditional Peruvian dance which Marco Antonio has brought to our attention.

Very energetic!


Confirmation – The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit and the Seven Sacraments

Hopefully these slideshows will help you with understanding

the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit,

as well as the Rite of Confirmation and the Seven Sacraments.

Acknowledgement is given to the Seomra Ranga Website

for the use of these informative slide shows.

CyberQuoll – Cyber Safety – Staying Safe Online

Recently in our class we have been speaking about

staying safe on line, and  about Cyber bullying.

We all have the responsibility of looking after ourselves and others

when we are on the Internet.

cyberquoll 6


Follow the link above to listen to how to stay safe online.

It is full of many tips of the do’s and don’ts when you are online.

There are six episodes in the series. 

By knowing about online risks and how to manage them,

your experience on the Internet can be a safe and positive one.

Cyberquoll 1
We acknowledge and give thanks for the CYBERQUOLL videos
to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) 
 for producing this cyber safety program suitable for upper primary students. 

Body Confidence and Self – Esteem: SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING


 Continuing on our journey of healthy living,

we have now also concentrated on how we can boost

our self-esteem and body confidence.

We recently were fortunate enough to have Diana, an actor, come to our school.

All the 5/6 children attended a session with her.

Some of us were fortunate enough to attend extra session and work on a play.

We presented the play to our 5/6 parents at an information night.

This is what we have learnt about

body confidence and self esteem: