Traditional Dance from Cusco City – Peru – Cowboys

This is a very energetic dance and also very colourful.

It’s always great to watch other cultures and their traditional dances.

Hope you enjoy watching it.

Thanks to Marco Antonio for bringing it to our attention.

And here is another traditional Peruvian dance which Marco Antonio has brought to our attention.

Very energetic!


4 thoughts on “Traditional Dance from Cusco City – Peru – Cowboys

    • Thank you Marco Antonio. I have already included your video on the blog, just check under SEL and RE. Also, the children enjoyed watching the traditional and colorful dancing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  1. Hello friends I want to congratulate you on your brilliant articles; on this occasion I want to share this video, I hope it is your total satisfaction.

    • Hi Marco Antonio, Thanks for your generous and kind comments regarding our blog. Yes we are very proud of what we as a class have achieved. Thank you for bringing this new dance from Peru to our attention. I am sure the children will enjoy watching it. I have added the video to our Post on Peruvian dance cowboys. Thanks again and keep in touch.

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