16 thoughts on “Preferential Voting System of Government

  1. Hi Mrs Francis

    I think the voting system is a very good way to vote. Because since you need a particular number to be elected the people get more chances to be elected

  2. Hi,
    Some people don’t take elections as seriously as others. Which is a disappointment.Sometimes some people do donkey votes which is not that fair for the candidates. If people don’t vote they get a penalty or a fine.

  3. I was only able to watch the bottom 2 videos and learnt many new things! I learnt that there were 2 things you had to vote. I also learnt that your votes only counts if you put all the numbers in the boxes, I also found it was easier to learn when you watch something!

  4. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The way we vote in Australia is very different from what I expected. I thought whoever just got the most votes would win but I guess not. I wonder how people choose a person to vote for.
    Have a nice day~~

  5. Hey Mrs. Francis,
    Often, what you think will prove you wrong right? Well, that just happened to me. I used to think that the person with the most votes would be elected straight away, not that the vote had to be above 30,000. What they say though, there is always a first time for everything.

  6. Hi Mrs Francis,
    That is a very good way to vote except that some people don’t do it properly and it sometimes takes a very long time.

  7. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I remembered the time when my mum and dad discussed about the voting thing. The videos taught me what happens when you vote and how to vote. One day, I would need to vote.

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I never knew that the votes had to add up to half of the people that voted. That’s a great way to vote! Especially the part where we get to vote PRIVATELY. I don’t think that donkey votes are great to do! It’s such a waste of time! They should have a BIG punishment! I wonder why they don’t have BIG punishments!

    • I really look at it from the point of view that a donkey vote is a wasted vote, and voting is a way for people to send a message to the politicians.

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