Mathematics: Reflection, Translation, Rotation,Tessellating Patterns & Perspective!

We have recently completed our study of

Reflection, Translation and Rotation in Mathematics.

Or in other words, flip, slide, turn!

We also designed tessellating patterns and perspectives!

Here are some of our efforts.

This unit was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all.

We hope you enjoy watching our videos! Please feel free to leave a comment!

9 thoughts on “Mathematics: Reflection, Translation, Rotation,Tessellating Patterns & Perspective!

  1. I really like the art that everyone has made. My eyes went huge and dizzy when I saw the pattern art. It was amazing. I give it 10/10 stars.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis

    The art work that everybody did was awesome. It all looks fantastic; everybody put a lot of effort to do it :]

  3. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Everybody’s artwork is so pretty and great. I can’t wait to see more artwork from the class for you to upload on your blog.
    Have a nice day~~

  4. Hey, Mrs. Francis,
    The artwork is really good. Everyone did A good job though, in everyone of them. For the flip though, I like the panda the most, kekekekeke. The names are colourful too, and most of them are really bright and vibrant, catches your eye pretty quickly.

  5. Dear 5/6FR,
    Wow!! Impressive artwork and I love how you have tied Maths into art!! Mrs Francis you have many talented artists in your class!! Well done 5/6FR!!

    Miss M&M 🙂

  6. I wonder if OUR class has the most BEST art work EVER!!! I hope so because what I just saw, in ALL of the artwork videos, was just amazing creations of OUR class. trying not to brag though… 🙂 (I wonder if people in the future will come to get our autographs…I hope so)

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