St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop and St. Patrick’s Cathedral

As part of our reflection and preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, we attended the Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  The Sisters of Saint Joseph guided us through the centre and we learnt about the history and life of Mary MacKillop. We then visited the birthplace of Mary MacKillop, where we saw a plaque marking the birth site of the Saint. We spent some time in the garden in prayer. From there we went to the ACU where we saw a beautiful statue of a young Mary MacKillop, and followed a number of plaques of the milestones in her life. After having lunch in the Fitzroy Gardens we set out to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We thank Father Benedict for accompanying us on our excursion today. We thank him for being our official guide, especially at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We learnt so much about the history of the Cathedral and about all the different chapels in the cathedral. Today was a wonderful and educational experience and assisted us in our spiritual and reflective journey as we prepare for our Confirmation. Below is a slideshow of our journey today.

What did you think of our excursion today?

What did you learn?

What were two things which stood out for you about

St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop?

What do you remember about St. Patrick’s Cathedral?

Write back and tell me your thoughts.

27 thoughts on “St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop and St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  1. Hi Mrs.Francis,
    I really enjoyed going to the Mary MacKillop Centre because it was so interesting and there was so much information. I learnt so much and I admire Mary MacKillop’s qualities. I also felt really sad when I heard Mary MacKillop had a stroke. Our excursion to the Mary MacKillop Centre made me want to choose Mary MacKillop as my saint for my Confirmation!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I really liked that excursion but the part that isn’t very awesome is the part when we had to walk from place to place and I think my feet agree with the thought of doing all the work! But other than that it was like an awesome adventure breezing through the city looking at all the catholic sights. I wonder what the next excursion will be like… 🙂

  3. The excursion was really great. I learnt that there are two patron saints for Australia. They are Our Lady Help of Christians and Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. In St. Patrick’s Cathedral there was a big altar and small altars in chapels on the sides of the cathedral.

  4. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The excursion was great,I learned that St. Mary MacKillop opened a school for children.The two things are that Mary was a kind woman with a caring heart and she always read stories to children. I remember that Archbishop Mannix wore something on his head and the cathedral was huge!

  5. Hey this slide just made me have a flashback to the day we actually went on the excursion. This excursion is probably the first Mary MacKillop related excursion I’ve ever had so thanks for it. =)

  6. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Yesterday four classes from the 5/6 level went to St.Patrick’s Cathedral, St.Mary MacKillop’s Heritage Centre and Fitzroy Gardens. St.Mary MacKillop’s Heritage Centre that was the building where she helped the women and their kids. Mary MacKillop had a stroke so she was in a wheel chair. Since Mary MacKillop went to North Sydney her mum went to North Sydney by boat but then the boat sunk so Mary MacKillop’s mum drowned.

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,
    When we went on the excursion it was very exciting but it was also very tiring walking from place to place. I learnt that Mary MacKillop opened the first school in Australia. I also learnt that the roof in St. Patrick’s Cathedral is pointing up to heaven. When we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral I remembered it was very big, there were seats and a mini construction of the building.

  8. Hi, Mrs Francis

    The excursion was really interesting. I got to learn a lot about Mary MacKillop. I also learned a lot about St Patrick’s cathedral. The place was really big!

  9. Hi Mrs Francis
    The excursion was great. We had so much fun and we learnt so much about St. Mary MacKillop. We went to see her birth place. What I remember from the Cathedral are the chapels and how we prayed with Father Benedict.

    I loved the excursion I hope we go again! :]

  10. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The things that stood out from Mary MacKillop is that she was a kind and caring person for those in need and the first saint in Australia. At Saint Patrick’s cathedral I remember that the original altar is at the back of the main alter. The excursion was really fun I enjoyed it kind of made me tired because we walked for like the whole day without sitting down. My favourite part was when we got to Saint Patrick’s cathedral and when we sat down on the bus at the end of the excursion.

  11. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The excursion was fairly educational and enjoyable. I learnt many things about St Mary of the Cross MacKillop that I did not know. Learning about St Patrick’s Cathedral and its history was really interesting and how back then the churches were built in a style called, ‘gothic.’ I learnt that Mary MacKillop was a person who loved children even if they are sick and how she is a person who would always assist you in any way she can. St Patrick’s Cathedral has many altars, each used for a special feast day or occasion.

  12. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The excursion we went to was great! I had a lot of fun.
    I learnt a lot of things, like how a Cathedral has more than one altar inside it, Mary MacKillop is our first Australian Saint, and much more. The two things that stood out for me was that Mary MacKillop had seven other siblings and five of them died, the other thing that stood out for me was that Mary MacKillop was poor but was still able to feed all the homeless people out there.
    The things I remember about St Patrick’s Cathedral was that each and every altar had a different saint and that only the Archbishop may sit on the Throne.
    Have a nice day~~~

  13. Hey Mrs. Francis,
    The excursion yesterday was really fun, albeit really tiring. Chiaki had lots of fun and learnt lots of things. The Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre was warm, where we learnt about Mary’s life and her good deeds. The birthplace looked like it changed a lot too. We went to the garden, where the scene was really pretty, to me it was anyway. Our walk to the ACU paid off, and we got to hear about Daniel Mannix…He sure was a great guy. Lunch was a good time, journeying in the gardens was fun. The last but not least was St Patrick’s Cathedral, the place was huge~ The mosaic windows really gave the cathedral a mystical vibe, glowing and all. Over all, Chiaki learnt that the archbishops were buried under the cathedral, among many other things.

  14. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The excursion was fantastic! I expecially liked the heritage center and St Patrick’s Cathedral. The two things that stood out about Mary MacKillop was that she went to work at the age of 14 and she had a stroke and had to use her left hand. St Patrick’s Cathedral was very big and beautiful especially the art pieces.

  15. Hi Mrs francis.
    I really liked the excursion we had.
    I learnt that Mary MacKillop was the first saint of Australia,
    I remember that the style of St. Patrick’s cathedral is Gothic.

  16. Hello Mrs Francis,
    Our excursion to St. Patrick Cathedral and tour about Mary MacKillop was very interesting. Mary MacKillop is the first saint of Australia. I didn’t know that. St. Patrick’s Cathedral looks very old but is huge, I think it will fit around 1000 people. I knew that AM stand for Ave Maria. It was nice to go on the excursion.

  17. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The excursion was great. I learnt a lot about St Mary MacKillop. I learnt that she lost a lot of her siblings, and that she had to be the main provider of money in the family. The things that stood out about St Mary MacKillop was that she opened a lot of schools and prayed a lot in the chapel.
    St Patrick’s Cathedral was really big. Father Benedict said the style of the building was Gothic. It makes you look up towards heaven. Inside there were many altars. The main altar was for special occasions. It was really quiet inside the Cathedral.

  18. Hey Mrs Francis,
    Our excursion was really fun and I learnt a lot about Saint Mary MacKillop. What really stood out for me was that St Mary MacKillop had travelled around the state to help children like us to help them have a good education and build schools for them. St Patrick’s Cathedral was heavenly inside. There were a lot of different altars and chapels inside the cathedral of some Saints.

  19. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think that our excursion was fantastic, especially when Father Benedict was able to come along with us! He was bursting with great knowledge, which is a lucky thing he came with us! On that day, I actually never knew that Mary MacKillop had a stroke and had to travel by wheelchair .. and I never knew that she was born in Brunswick St in Melbourne! I also learnt why St Patrick’s Cathedral has lots of small chapels! Another thing I learnt is that Mary is the second patron saint of Australia. What wonderful weather we had yesterday!

  20. Hi, Mrs Francis!
    The excursion was fun and I learnt a lot of things on that day. I thought that we had good luck because our day was dry to walk from one place to the other. OK, the Mary MacKillop Center was beautifully presented by the nuns that worked in the center. What I learnt was that Mary MacKillop was canonized on October the 17, 2010. Reflecting near the birth site of this saint was amazing. Walking to Fitzroy Gardens was a break from our tiring journey to prepare for our Confirmation. After our lunch break, we walked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to continue our preparation. We walked along the Pilgrim path and saw some quotes from the Gospel of John and Psalms. When we reached the very top, there was a bowl that had a picture of the Lamb of God. We saw 2 statues of saints from Italy, which was St Catherine of Siena and St Francis of Assisi. We also saw statues of Cardinal Mannix and Saint Mary MacKillop, as if in action. Going inside the church was divine! The architecture was called Gothic.Everything was arched which meant it was pointing to God and heaven. We saw lots of altars which all had a theme. There is still more so yeah! thanks!

  21. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The excursion was absolutely interesting. I learned that people used to save paper by writing their notes or letters landscape first and then turning the page around and continue writing the note. Mary MacKillop was canonised 101 years after her death. Mary MacKillop went out to work at an early age. St Patrick’s Cathedral is a Museum and church at the same time armed with alarms. St Patrick’s Cathedral was a very huge place.

  22. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I had lots of FUN on the Excursion to St. Mary MacKillop Heritage Center and to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I really enjoyed walking around Fitzroy Gardens and looking at the Fairy Tree. It was interesting to learn about Mary MacKillop and her life. I would like to say Thank You to Father Benedict for coming along with our class and giving us information about St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We learnt lots of things about St. Patrick’s Cathedral and about Mary MacKillop. I can’t wait for the next excursion to the Melbourne Goal.

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