Australian Prime Ministers – Caricatures!

This week, we have been looking at Australian Prime Ministers.

So we decided to look at different artists and cartoonists for some inspiration for our artwork.

We gratefully acknowledge and thank the many talented cartoonists

for their inspiration on which our artwork is based.

6 thoughts on “Australian Prime Ministers – Caricatures!

  1. I loved that art piece! I had a lot of fun drawing and blending the Caricatures that we did! It also looked very…Funny! I wish in the fututre we will do something ELSE, like that ,but we will draw our selves instead of the presidents. it will look so funny! ( but we will draw OURSELVES, not other people! 🙂 )

  2. Hey Mrs Francis,
    I just wanted to check out your blog and I realised there is way more information and activities this year then last year. I guess technology is a big impact this year isn’t it? I love the artwork it was really creative. I can’t believe you told me math last year was going to be the same this year. Lies. Wish I paid attention more but at least I can focus more this year and I actually got a pretty good score on a test, amazing right? Please tell me your students aren’t that talkative and pay attention more then I did. D:

    Anyways, haha I just swung by and checked out all the different things that are happening this year.

    • Well Raksa, lovely to hear from you. I know you are working very hard this year and what I said was that if you worked really hard it would be a strong base for you to build your mathematical knowledge. I’m happy that you stopped by and checked out our blog for this year. Yes, it has become bigger and there are certainly more posts and information based on our learning topics. I am certain that you are working just as hard as you always did and I’m glad to hear that you have done well in maths this year. Keep in touch and say hello to any of our students from last year. Make sure you keep stopping by. Take care and good luck with any other exams you might have.

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