Our thanks to Karl Tyson for this very cute video “Polar Opposites”. 

The characters have so much personality, and they certainly teach us a lesson.

Practice and patience certainly pay off, as does lending a helping hand.

What did you think about these cute characters?

How would you behave in a similar situation?

Would you do something special for a friend who is feeling down,

without expecting thanks?

32 thoughts on “POLAR OPPOSITES by Karl Tyson

  1. Hi Mrs Francis
    I think the message in this video was to never give up because the penguin was fishing and he got nothing. But the polar bear was fishing and he had lots of fish. The polar bear taught the penguin how to throw the fishing line into the water. I think they were really cute!

  2. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I learnt in this video that you earn what you do. So like if you went fishing and you caught a fish then you earn it, you don’t go and steal it from someone else who earned it themselves.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The penguin wanted to fish but he wanted to take the fish from the polar bear because he had none. This story shows us to help others. If I was the polar bear I would help the penguin to find fish and teach him to be patient.

  4. Hi Mrs Francis,
    That video was so CUTE~, I learnt that even though the penguin was trying to steal the Polar Bear’s fish the bear helped the penguin learn how to fish~~~. Just because someone is trying to be mean to you, don’t be mean back.
    Do to others as you would have them do to you, Say to others as you would have them say to you
    Have a Nice day~~

  5. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think the cute penguin needed to learn patience. If I was in that situation I would have behaved that way. If I caught a lot of fish I would have done what the polar bear did.

  6. Hi Mrs Francis
    The short animation was really funny and cute. My favourite part was when the polar bear hooked the fish onto the penguin’s fishing rod. I thought it was nice. I would do something nice to a friend or anyone that is lonely.

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I thought the video was very cute. I like how the polar bear helps his friend even when he tries to steal his fish.

  8. Dear Mrs Francis
    The video was fantastic and fun to watch because the bear helped the penguin when the penguin was sad and could not catch a fish.

  9. Hi Mrs Francis
    The characters are really cute. I would done the same thing for a friend. And I would because I don’t expect thanks from anyone :]

  10. Hi Mrs Francis,
    These cute characters certainly do teach us a lesson. If I was in a similar situation I would just wait for a long time. And I would do the same thing as the polar bear would’ve done to make a friend happy.

  11. Hey Mrs Francis,
    These characters are very interesting and they are really cute. I would have been really annoyed that I couldn’t catch a fish and I had to wait for so long. I would do something to help a friend without expecting anything in return because that’s what friends do to help each other.

  12. What did you think about these cute characters? I loved them, they also reminded me of Mr.Bean !!
    How would you behave in this situation? If I was in the same situation, I would do something very similar to what the penguin did!
    Would you do something special to a friend who is down, without expecting thanks? Yes I would! Because if they’re happy, I’m happy! 🙂

  13. Hey Mrs. Francis,
    I saw the video, and it was really cute. I loved how the polar bear helped the penguin, that was really nice of him. The struggles of the penguin are so cute, his face was really funny, it makes me smile. Maybe we should be like that too, helping each other out. Animations sure are cute, I would like to find some more on the blog.

  14. Hi Mrs Francis,
    This video is great. The penguin was cute as well. This video was telling me that we can’t give up and always try our best at anything that is hard such as fishing, hard maths, and solving puzzles. We should all have courage and not give up.

  15. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The things which are cute about these characters is because how they act – the penguin is sneaky and the polar bear is generous by giving the penguin a fish and letting him think he had caught it. Sometimes that happens to me as well because I have something and my brothers want it as well. But I let them have some so… I am not sure though if I would actually give something worth my time without a ‘thank you!’ It really feels like I have wasted it for example, money,time, and more. But it was a cute and adorable video to post! GOOD ON YOU,MRS FRANCIS!

  16. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The way that the penguin behaved in the beginning was wrong. Luckily he had the polar bear who was a good friend because not all friends are like that. This video in its own way has taught me the message of true friendship and that patience does pay off. If I were in the same situation as the penguin I might have done what the penguin did and if I were the polar bear I think I would do that to keep a friend’s spirit up no matter what they are facing.

  17. Hey Mrs Francis
    I think that the polar bear was nice and the penguin is funny. Mrs Francis I think that in the class room I’m the penguin and you’re a the polar bear. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Well Tommy if I am the polar bear, then I hope that means that I help you a lot and that I am very patient as I guide you through your learning!!!

  18. Hi Mrs Francis,
    These characters are very cute but they also show a lot of caring. I would quit if I didn’t have a friend like him. If I see someone feeling down I will come to them and see what I can do without that person saying thank you.

  19. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The video was great. It taught me a lot. I think that these characters showed me that practising is good but with a helping hand its even better. In a similar situation, I would help the one with nothing. What am I supposed to do with a lot of the same things the other person needs? If I was to do something special to a friend without expecting a thank-you, I would probably help them with their work and say “Happy Birthday” on their birthday.

  20. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The characters are so cute I feel I could squish them .. 🙂
    I probably would’ve asked my friend if she/he had caught a fish yet and if she/he replied no, I would’ve given her/him some bait. I would also give them advice on how to catch fish (even though I am not much of a fishing lover .. but it’s a lot of fun going fishing though .. I love watching a person fish .. it gets really exciting when I watch them pull the fishing rod with all their strength .. trying to still keep the fish’s mouth in the bait .. but it’s a sad way of fishing .. especially when you see blood from its mouth .. and when the person kills it to keep it still ..) Anyway, yes, I would do something for a friend who is feeling down and not expecting thanks .. THEY’RE MY FRIEND AFTER ALL .. it’s not easy to get a friend and lose one .. it takes quite some time to replace your friend with another .. I don’t want to end up fighting with my friend/s .. I want to prove to my friend that I’m a good friend ..

  21. Hi Mrs Francis
    I thought the characters were a bit funny but I held my laughter.
    If I was in a similar situation and I was the penguin I would swim to catch my fish.
    If a friend is feeling down I would help make them feel better.

  22. Dear Mrs Francis,
    This video would be a video that would teach children on how to be very patient and fishing is a good way to do that because in experience I know that it takes FOREVER to catch a fish and people get frustrated and annoyed. It is also good to give a hand to those in need like that polar bear.

  23. Hey okay I guess it was cute and I would probably be like that penguin too. But what I really liked I guess was that ending.

  24. Hi~
    For me, the video was just as cute was it was meaningful. We all have struggles in our lives, and we often envy others for what they have that we don’t. That’s how theft is created. Others often think we are selfish, but really they should think about it more. Some people in the world aren’t as lucky as them, they are very lucky to be born in a society where things run along smoothly.

    ‘They’ are us. We think the world is unfair, war, money, and whatnot, but honestly, we are not nearly the same as the people out on the streets, spending their days and nights begging for food and shelter. Some of us, are kind enough to provide food and shelter for the poor, but really, not everyone of us is the same.

    Wealthy people, like them, they are rich, have almost everything in the world, yet they crave for me because of money, money is what makes the world spin, like they say. Money is what drives normal people into a monster that cannot stop its very self from its greed. I don’t mean to bash on anyone, nor am I a critic. I’m just plainly stating what I think is the truth……………..



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