Parliament House and Old Melbourne Gaol

This week we went on an excursion to

Parliament House and the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Our visit was part of our study on Law and Order.

It was very exciting seeing exactly where our laws are made. We were very lucky because Parliament was not sitting, so we were able to go into the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament and actually sit in the ministers’ seats, to get a feel of what it was like. We were also able to go into the Library which is in Parliament, and which the Ministers of Parliament use.

After our visit to Parliament House we went to the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Again, as part of Law and Order, we became the actors, and had to re-enact Ned Kelly’s trial. We put on costumes, and some of us even got to wear wigs!! We learnt that Ned Kelly did not really get a fair trial, because of the barrister who was representing him, and also because he was not allowed to present his case. We learnt that the courtroom at the time of Ned’s trial was very noisy and crowded. The judge who sentenced Ned also died 12 days after Ned was hanged.

This was a great history lesson.

Some of us now think that maybe we might become lawyers!

We also spent some time in the old part of the Old Melbourne Gaol which was actually the original Melbourne Men’s Hospital. This was where Ned Kelly and other prisoners were taken to recover from their wounds. Sadly, once healed, Ned Kelly had to face his trial and his sentence.

Here are some photos of our excursion. We hope you enjoy them.

 Parliament House and Courtroom Drama – Old Melbourne Gaol on PhotoPeach

20 thoughts on “Parliament House and Old Melbourne Gaol

  1. Hi Mrs Francis
    The Parliament house and the Old Melbourne Gaol was very interesting. I also enjoyed the Ned Kelly drama; it was really fun acting as Ned Kelly.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I had lots of fun when we went on the excursion! The fact that we got to sit in the Upper and Lower House seats was great!!~
    I hope we will be able to go to another great excursion!
    Have a nice day~~~

  3. Hey Mrs. Francis,
    The excursion was really fun and exciting. The rooms were so bright and beautiful, it nearly blinded my eyes~ I never knew that when the Queen visited, we only had 5 books of laws and now we have 59. I also learnt that back then, we didn’t have any women in the parliament.

  4. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think the excursion was fun; I learnt a lot of things and interesting facts. The slideshow was really good to watch.

  5. This video brings back such good memories of the Parliament!! But then I couldn’t remember the names of the Upper House and that Lower House though. OHHH… I remember that guy that gave us a tour around the parliament. I remeber doing the drama in the court as well. It was loads of fun!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. The Parliament and the Melbourne Gaol was fun. We got to see the Parliament Assembly area and the council area of the parliament. The Senate house has lots of gold on the columns and ceiling. It was nice.

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,
    It was really smart of you to actually put the questions on the slide show. This actually tests our brain for extra thinking. Keep going with the quizzing thing, Mrs Francis!

    • I’m glad you all enjoyed the quizzes on the slide show. Maybe I will include more next time. Thanks for the support and feedback.

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,
    That day was awesome! We got to see the upper house and the lower house! Even the Melbourne Gaol on the outside. It was a terrific day. We went back to school early. Wish we could go shopping! Our next excursion is swimming! Cool. But I’m not very good at it. Are we really leaving school at 8:35? That’s early, don’t think we will; there’s lots of people who come late. See you on Wednesday!

  9. Hi Mrs Francis,
    It was fun answering the questions! I hope that next time you will keep quizzing the audience who is watching your slideshows. I also hope that our future students get to go there someday .. I AM SO LUCKY AND SPECIAL!!…. I sat on the Lower and Upper’s Houses’ chairs! How lucky am I .. or should I say ‘we’ .. 🙂 hahahha

  10. Hi Mrs Francis,

    That day was amazing! I expecially liked the part where we were at the state parliament. I also liked the old Melbourne goal, where we re-enacted the Ned Kelly trial. I hope the future students in 5/6 will be able to go as well.

  11. Hi Mrs Francis,

    When you did quizzes in the slide show it looked very professional. When we went to the Parliament we learnt SO much! It was very interesting because it was my first time. I learnt that the Legislative Assembly have 88 seats and in the Legislative Council there is 40.

  12. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The assembly was great. We were very lucky that we could go to the Parliament House. I learnt a lot in there. The courtroom drama was fun. It felt like it was happening in real life. I would love to go to this excursion again.

  13. Hey Mrs Francis,

    Thanks for the questions and power point. It was awesome going to the parliament house the upper house and lower house were great. The Upper House was filled with gold there was literary gold on the walls. The Lower House was also good but not as good as the Upper house.

  14. Hi Mrs Francis I loved the slide show. I wish I could go to Parliament House. Well I enjoyed answering the questions to the quiz. Thank you

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