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Confirmation Saints Projects & Litany of Saints

A few weeks ago our 5/6 students received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

We congratulate all the Candidates on receiving

this final Sacrament of Initiation.

The candidates were confirmed by Bishop Elliott.

Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Below is a video of some of our Saints projects 

which we worked on as part of our preparation.

Video: Litany of Saints: Created by: Michelle Sherliza, OP Music by: Veronica Morrissey

We acknowledge and thank Michelle Sherliza and Veronica Morrissey for this beautiful version of the Litany of Saints.

Laws of Light

This week our class participated in an incursion to learn about the - Glitter Graphics
Lydia, a scientist from Monash University,

came to talk to us about

the laws of light and its properties.

It was a very interesting incursion.

We learnt so much and Lydia made it so interesting.

After the incursion we worked in groups

to create quiz questions.

See how you go!

How much do you know about light?

Try out our quiz questions and enjoy!

Write back and tell me what you thought the best part of the incursion was.

What fascinated you the most?

What new knowledge did you gain?

Did you get all the quiz questions right?


Follow these links to more interesting information about light:



Remembrance Day Ceramic Poppies – Maths Problem Solving

This week saw us commemorating Remembrance Day.

Well done everyone for your hard work and for your thoughtful discussion

on Remembrance Day.

I thought I would add the following videos.

What do you think about the magnificent display of

ceramic poppies at the Tower of London?

The video should help you understand the amount of work

which went into making these poppies.

Did you realize that they were all hand made?

See if you can solve the mathematics problems on the next video.

Don’t scroll forward until you have worked out the answer!!

We acknowledge and thank  Theresa Young  for sharing this brilliant

‘Place Value’ presentation based on the First World War.

Please be patient since Prezi has to fully load before you can use it.

Bridge’s Story – A Teamwork Aniboom Animation by Tony Hoang

We thank Tony Hoang for this interesting video.

Since we will be having “elections” in our room soon,

I thought I would include this short video clip on teamwork.

Maybe consider what some of the messages are in this video.

What message do you take away with you?

Can you think of any situations you have found yourself in

where teamwork makes things easier?