Bridge’s Story – A Teamwork Aniboom Animation by Tony Hoang

We thank Tony Hoang for this interesting video.

Since we will be having “elections” in our room soon,

I thought I would include this short video clip on teamwork.

Maybe consider what some of the messages are in this video.

What message do you take away with you?

Can you think of any situations you have found yourself in

where teamwork makes things easier?

27 thoughts on “Bridge’s Story – A Teamwork Aniboom Animation by Tony Hoang

  1. Dear Mrs Francis,
    This animation is like a fable. The rabbit is the bad one and the tortoise is the helpful one. The moral of the story is that if you’re unfair then there are consequences.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The video was really fun to watch. I enjoyed it a lot.I think the message that the video is trying to give us is that don’t be bad to others and teamwork is important.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis
    I think the message was always work together and always use your talents to help other people. If we didn’t have teamwork for our elections then all of the parties would’ve fallen apart.

  4. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The video was great and funny. The rabbit learnt lots of lessons when he did something wrong to the turtle. The rabbit did the right thing. I was happy he did that.

  5. Dear Mrs Francis
    The video told me that teamwork is better than doing it by yourself. It also told me that if you do something bad something bad might happen to you.

  6. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The video was great. It taught me that even though someone is a bully, you should help them if they are in trouble. It’s good to see all the animals he bullied being friends with the bully.

  7. Hi Mrs.Francis
    The rabbit was mean at the start and when he fell into the cold water and when he got out when he felt cold the birds gave him a blanket. And then they all crossed the bridge

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think this video is really cute, and the fact that the bunny was really mean and liked pulling pranks turned into a nice bunny after the turtle saved him. There are 4 different perspectives in this video: the Bunny’s, the turtle’s, the squirrel’s and the cockcroach’s. When the turtle was building the bridge it was easier when the bunny helped him. There is now I in Team. Like I said before do to others as you would have them do to you.
    Have a nice day~~~~

  9. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The animation was full of good ideas and sound effects. It helped me understand the true value of friendship and that real friends will be there for you even if you have hurt them more than once. If we are being mean or cruel a true friend will be there by your side no matter the wrongs that you have done to them.

  10. Hey Mrs Francis,
    Just swinging by, and I found this cute little animation about teamwork! I love how the forest animals care for the bunny even if he was mean to them in the past. Lately, I feel like everyone’s changing and drifting apart. I might have not led a good example, I know, but I can’t explain when someone really annoys me. I’d like to have one of the animal’s taits. because I can’t be nice when the person is mean.

    “They say don’t make promises that you can’t keep, but I say they are the best ones.”


  11. Hey Mrs Francis,
    I can think of many situations that I have had to use team work. I mostly use team work in sport but now that we are doing law and order in our classroom I will be using teamwork even more than I do now.

  12. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The message I got was that if you help others then they will help you. Once I thought that I could do something but I needed my brother to do it.

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The message that I took with me was that helping each other when needed is easier to do things. In real life I found that cleaning the house is easy to do when you are part of a team.

  14. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The message that I took away was to help others when needed not to make more trouble for them to fix. Yes there actually was a time when teamwork makes it easier.

  15. Hi Mrs Francis,
    It is a great video to entertain and to learn. Watching this, it really does talk about teamwork and sabotage. Like a party for the government, they work as a team and some sabotage or betray the system. Sometimes playing games, doing this all by yourself makes things boring and having a team makes things fun and easier to communicate.

  16. Hi Mrs Francis,

    What I got out of the video was that it is better to help each other instead of terrorizing others as one day something will happen to you.

  17. Hey Mrs Francis
    The story teaches me that you should help others who need help because when you need help they will help you as well. Remember about the polar bear and penguin video, yeah, now in this video the rabbit is me and the turtle is you. 🙂

  18. Hi Mrs Francis,
    It is kind of the turtle helping the rabbit even though the rabbit destroyed his work. The turtle helped him out and learnt his lesson. This video is kind of funny! The whistling was from the birds. It was funny when the rabbit used the branch to kick the apples and they landed on a baby bird. (poor bird).
    ^-^ 🙂

  19. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think that the video was really funny and entertaining. It was a great video to show TEAMWORK:)!! I learnt that teamwork is really helpful to use when you’re stuck in situations. It reminds me that after you sabotage someone, you normally make up with that person and become friends. It can be quite weird sometimes .. BUT it’s a good thing .. Normally when I am struggling with my minister’s speech, for example, my party helps me and gives me some suggestions ..

  20. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Teamwork is important because if you don’t help others they might not help you too. Helping others is important because if you want them to treat you nicely, you have to treat them nicely the way you want them to treat you.
    From Allan

  21. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The rabbit was so mean at the start until he fell in the cold then the turtle saved him. The turtle saved him and the birds gave him a towel. Then the rabbit became nice and helped the turtle build the bridge.
    The Moral of this Story is: Always show respect to others 🙂
    By Vien

  22. Today my sir shows this animation to the class then he says that explain this story in your word so please write this story in words so I can speak tomorrow ,,,,,,,, like once was a rabbit he leaves in jungle etc.
    Moral: …………………..

    • Thank you Vaghela for you interest in the story. The team work animation is all about working together. It is about being respectful and kind to everyone around you. Don’t be selfish and mean. It is about helping others instead of putting them down. When people work together then things get done and everyone benefits and is happy. I guess the moral is work with others and they will help you and things will get done. Don’t be mean and nasty or selfish, because eventually you will need the help of others. Hope this helps you.

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