22 thoughts on “Kid President: 20 Things We Should Say More Often

  1. It is important to treat everyone fairly no matter what. I believe we should treat people how we would want to be treated.

  2. Dear Mrs. Francis,
    I believe that being polite is very important since you’re treating others with respect. It is also very good to forgive people because if you don’t you might not end up being close to them any more and it could be your best friend. I really liked the video because Kid President shows us how to say nice things but also he was very amusing.
    ~Anna E~

  3. Dear Mrs Francis<
    I really like the kid video president because it is important to be polite and be nice to each other.

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    It is actually very important to say nice things because of the fact that if you don’t say nice things people won’t be very happy with you.
    From David

  5. Dear Mrs Francis,
    It is very important to be polite because if you aren’t polite, people will not be polite to you back. It is also important to forgive people because you want them to do the same if they get angry at you.

  6. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I think this video was really interesting and true because everyone should treat each other the same way they want to be treated. You should always respect each other and you will earn respect yourself.
    Kelvin L

    I totally agree with everything he said.It was a very agreeable video. I’m glad we watched it.

  8. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I like the movie on kid president because the little boy in the movie is really funny and smart too.

  9. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I think most of the things he said are important because if you didn’t say sorry or maybe excuse me or thank you, people might not like you or you might end up with no friends and become very lonely because of the way you act. I believe that being polite is important because people might think you’re rude or will dislike you. You also have to be polite to everyone not just your friends or people you know.
    From Allan

  10. I loved it and I have watched some other ones too and they have taught me things that I can do to make things better.

  11. Hi Mrs. Francis,
    Why we should say more things like what Kid President said is because if we don’t, then people will think that you are a rude person or they stay away from you. Maybe even tell people to stay away from you, so say something nice. If they hurt you then forgive them, don’t go up to them and hurt them back! It just makes it worse.
    So that’s why you say nice things instead of bad things.

  12. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I think it is very important to say thank-you because it shows that you appreciate what that person has done for you and it is very polite.
    Julie 🙂 😉

  13. I think this kid has some good tips for everyone.It’s very simple and easy to do. I think everybody has to try at least a couple of them everyday.Thanks for uploading this Mrs Francis.

  14. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I loved this video because it was funny and amazing.
    And I learnt to give help to people I don’t know.
    From Anthony

  15. Dear Mrs Francis,
    What kid president said was very true even though it looked a little bit silly, we need to say those things more often because sometimes, we don’t say things at all, so it is a nice thing to say and also a way of speaking more. 😀

  16. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think that it is important to forgive others because when you do something wrong, you would also want to be forgiven and I think that we should say please and thank you because we should respect others as we would like to be treated.

  17. I think these are some really good tips because if we don’t forgive people, they might think we don’t like them so then they will be sad. These tips are really easy but we just need to follow them and respect others.

    From Jordan

  18. Dear Mrs. Francis
    I think that it is important that we say please because if we don’t say it people will think we’re rude and they won’t listen to us.

  19. Hey Mrs Francis,
    I think that forgiving is important because if you forgive someone they might forgive you too. And including someone in your life is also something really important because if you include them they will think that you are nice and will give something in return.

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