Laws of Light

This week our class participated in an incursion to learn about the - Glitter Graphics
Lydia, a scientist from Monash University,

came to talk to us about

the laws of light and its properties.

It was a very interesting incursion.

We learnt so much and Lydia made it so interesting.

After the incursion we worked in groups

to create quiz questions.

See how you go!

How much do you know about light?

Try out our quiz questions and enjoy!

Write back and tell me what you thought the best part of the incursion was.

What fascinated you the most?

What new knowledge did you gain?

Did you get all the quiz questions right?


Follow these links to more interesting information about light:



15 thoughts on “Laws of Light

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The quiz questions were fun. I got some questions wrong, but overall I really liked it. Good job to the people that created the questions!

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The science was fun, my favourite part was that we had to write our names flipped. Everybody did a great job! But too bad we had to stop so fast….like 2 minutes. But still it was great!

  3. Hey, Mrs Francis,

    This quiz is most amusing. It’s got pretty good questions, though I’m pretty sure I did good enough~ It was fun, both the quiz and the incursion. I learnt some new stuff, but most of it, I knew already.


  4. Hi Mrs Francis
    This slide show was great; the quizzes everyone put together was great but some of the answers for the questions were wrong. This slideshow must have taken you ages. Thank you for putting it there so all of us can enjoy it.

    • Hi Kana-Chan, Yes I do intend to do more, but really it is all the children in class who will create the quiz questions. I just put it together for the finished product!!

  5. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think the best part of the incursion was when we had to use two mirrors to make the light touch the white part.
    What fascinated me most was that light can only travel in straight lines.
    I learnt that there are 3 laws of light.
    I sadly got 7 incorrect for the quiz questions.

  6. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The quiz was really fun to answer. I got confused on some questions. On the light incursion I learnt a lot about light especially the speed of light. I was fascinated by the rainbow inside that black box.

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think the question quiz was a smart way of asking people how much they know about light and other relevant things. One other thing that I have to say is this: The pictures are so cool! Pictures of light can be so interesting sometimes! I wanted to examine the pictures more deeply but I had to continue with the quiz as I had a long way to go! I am so lucky to have such a creative teacher!

    • Thank you Kelele. But you know what? All the children in our class are very creative and clever and I think everyone did such a great job in creating this quiz. Well done.

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