Leadership and Teamwork

 As our Year 5’s prepare to become

the leaders of our school,

we completed a number of leadership activities this week.

We learnt so much about how to work as a team,

while having fun at the same time!

Working together is so much easier than working alone!

Watch the following videos.

What do they say to you about the importance of team work?

What happens when people don’t work together?

(For the Birds video)

Write back and tell me what you think

about the activities we completed this week.

What did you learn?

What do you think you will do to work as a team?

21 thoughts on “Leadership and Teamwork

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Those videos are plain hilarious and cute. I think my sister showed me the kid president one last year.
    Without a team you wouldn’t be able to do most of those things. Like they say there is no I in Teamwork.
    Have a nice day~~

  2. Hi Mrs Francis
    I think that teamwork is important because if you don’t co-operate with each other nothing’s going to work. If you don’t work together then it would turn into a disaster because you’re talking over each other, not listening to ideas etc.

  3. Hey Mrs. Francis,
    These video are just so funny, cute and most of all, meaningful. Sure, sometimes we don’t like people, it’s natural, and that we don’t want to work with them. Sometimes, just the plain thought of them makes you crinkle your face, but stiil, it’s best to learn how to co-operate with each other and make a good life for yourself, unless you’re boring, socially awkward or maybe both~

  4. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The video you posted is funny. The boy told us about leadership and teamwork was right. It is true that we all should have leadership too.
    The animated short film was funny as well. The second film made me surprised of how the animals work together as a team. The funniest film was the bird film. The smart animal in that film was the big bird. He knew what he was doing to the little birds. 🙂

  5. This term, I have really learnt how important teamwork is. I never knew how team work could be so useful and important until this term. I like working in teams because it is so much fun!

  6. Hi Mrs Francis,

    The kid president video was funny but he says nice things like ”You’re awesome!” That showed lots of kindness. The second video was The power of teamwork, it was teamwork because when one bird was nearly blown the others helped it and they all didn’t get stuck. The third video was so funny! And it turned out in the end the little bird that teased the big bird, their feathers were gone and was wearing nothing. Like you said every cause has an effect.

  7. Hey Mrs Francis,
    Teamwork is very important and we all should stick together. When we all work as a team life just becomes a little bit easier for us

  8. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The importance of TEAMWORK is working and co-operating with other students and not being on your own. It’s so important to work together or stay together because if there’s a problem, the group can help.

  9. Hi Mrs Francis,
    When we work in a team stuff is easier and quicker to do. When we don’t work together we don’t agree and bad stuff happens. The 2 last videos taught us that we had to work together, they were also funny. The first video taught us to believe in yourself.

  10. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Working together is sometimes better then working alone because then you use some brains working together not just one while sometimes you have to do things by yourself. The second and third videos were useful because they teach you about something and the first video was talking to you.

  11. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Teamwork is required in a lot of situations. If there is no teamwork, no one will get along with each other. With no teamwork, then things would not go as planned. Teamwork requires a lot of discussion.

  12. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Teamwork is important because if you don’t work together you would get in a fight and someone may get hurt. When the birds don’t work together they would lose or their feathers.( A cause must have a cause/consequence)

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think teamwork is important in our daily life. As in the video, it can tell you that doing something as a team, means that all will protect each other and help each other like someone trying to hurt you. If people don’t work together the problem would be more harder to achieve or to finish up something. I learnt that being in a team can be hard because choosing the right team is not the thing. If someone considers that having themselves as their own team that person is going to struggle on what they are doing and also that is selfish.

  14. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think leadership is something important that we all should have, which we do. We can be a leader no matter what. Age is not neccessary for being a leader and popularity is not important as well. We don’t have to be famous to be a leader! We are all leaders, right from the start when we were born. So don’t stop believing in yourself because no-one can stop you from being a leader! And if you combine with other people, you are using teamwork! That’s what matters about leadership! You need teamwork! Arguing with each other will get you nowhere so stop arguing, and link your ideas together! Make sure you take turns to give each other ideas!

  15. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I think the video by soulpancake was meaningful it shows us to never give up on you dreams. The 2 animations were funny my favourite one in the first animation was the birds and the crab it was really funny. The second animation was funny to they were working together but the result was really really funny.

  16. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Teamwork is a way you can get out of tough times because together we are stronger, no matter how small we are we can together make a difference. Teamwork is strong but if people judge and don’t get along tough times will just become even more tough because independently we aren’t that strong when it comes to emotions but if we work together and give each other encouragement this will help us get through the tough times.

  17. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Everyone put a kind comment and everything they say is true. That’s because everyone deserves to live here. And not in isolation. Like me, I played with a group of girls and suddenly one of them asked me if I wanted to play. I did and I made heaps of friends. The most emotional comment is from Kelly and Julie. They did a fantastic job. Well done.

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